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Liv Moods Is Joining The Volume Sports As A Gambling Personality

Sports gambler and social media star Liv Moods has joined The Volume Sports Podcast Network. Colin Cowherd, the host of The Herd on FS1 and founder of The Volume announced this morning that Moods will be the ninth podcast added to the network. Sports gambling is taking off and Cowherd does not want to be left behind, saying, “Sports gambling is exploding and I want to be the audio platform right next to it.”

via Colin Cowherd

Olivia Moody, also known as Liv Moods, is a 23-year-old sports gambler that will be all over The Volume’s social media and will host her own show. This is a smart move by Cowherd, as he has secured a young, unique voice in the gambling space that will attract a younger audience. Moods has bet heavily on the NBA but reiterated that she is gearing up for the NFL season, and she had this to say about joining The Volume.

Like I mentioned earlier, Moods will be the ninth show added to The Volume and the second gambling-heavy podcast. After pairing up with the Action Network, The Volume announced “Moneyline Monaco”, a gambling show hosted by Alex Monaco, and landed Fan Duel as a presenting partner in the process.

The Volume has brought on some great personalities that offer phenomenal content like “Inside The Garage” hosted by four Notre Dame Football Players detailing the life of a student-athlete. They have also had some huge whiffs, including “Soup With Coup” hosted by Cooper Manning and “Catchin’ Fades” with Aqib Talib.

I believe Cowherd hit a home run by hiring Moods, and I definitely plan to tune in.

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