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2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl: National Team Day 1 Practice Notes

Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl
The National Team wrapped up day one of practice at the 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl. Read more for all the notes here! (John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)

2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl: National Team Day 1 Practice Notes

The 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl notes are back. Before we get to the good stuff, I just want to humbly point out that this is the first year that the practices are back on NFL Network. Last year, the first day wasn’t even on TV. Do we think that’s an accident?

Jim Nagy is still a dope. I hate the rule that juniors can now attend the event. It makes absolutely no sense that the East-West Game is also being held at the same time. This event continues to be the least organized NFL event of the calendar season. Garrett showed up to the stadium an hour early because Nagy doesn’t understand time zones. Oh, and he was still late getting into the stadium because there is a line where ONE person checks the credentials. This is just the tip of the iceberg people.

Make sure to follow Garrett too. He’s on the sidelines representing Vendetta at the event.

Nevertheless, we’re so back. The practices are back on NFL Network and the rest of you should quietly thank me for putting the heat on that scumbag. Without me, I’m not sure the change happens.

Without further ado, let’s get to the National Team on the first day of practices at the 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl.

*Side note: It’s very hard covering this event. Mostly because it’s so dysfunctional. It gets broken into three groups and all of them go at the same time.


Bo Nix was underwelming. Shaky accuracy. His speed in terms of creating off platform plays like he did at Oregon just wasn’t there. Good arm power but definitely Zach Wilson vibes. Just didn’t look the same being around All-Star players. Can certainly move.

Sam Hartman: It becomes harder and harder to believe in Sam Hartman. Has no twitch. No power off the back foot. Can make throws but everything he does looks like an average Joe. Feet not tied to arm and the arm isn’t dynamic.

There was a play in team drill where he tried to climb up in the pocket and hit a checkdown. The ball went straight into the dirt. His athleticism doesn’t fit the modern NFL.

Michael Penix: The touch accuracy isn’t there. You can keep pretending otherwise but we saw it today. Looks good going deep but asking him to put the ball in a spot. It’s not happening.

All three quarterbacks failed. Two minute drill to close practice. I don’t think any of them got a first down. A lot of balls in the dirt going nowhere. Penix at least pushed the ball down the field but can’t hit his target.

Running Backs:

Isaiah Davis is terrible. Sticks out like a sore thumb. Can tell he’s an FCS player. I don’t trust white running backs unless you’re name is McCaffrey. The Old Dominion Laube who isn’t even listed on the roster had a better run than him.

MarShawn Lloyd is a weird one. Might have some underrated power and wiggle. Much better at USC compared to South Carolina.

Ali Rasheen might have some giddy up. Good speed up the field. Nice cuts too.

Wide Receivers:

I like Brendan Rice. Yes, being the son of Jerry Rice helps. He’s not totally fluid. Has some bad stops and starts but that’s why he’s not a first rounder. Does everything else well. Does a really good job at just using his body to make plays. Had a missed opportunity on a deep ball that short-armed it. I think he does enough well to pan out.

Roman Wilson made some plays. Not slow and actually created more separation than I thought. Might be a lot faster than I thought. Maybe he was hurt more by the Michigan passing attack than I originally thought. Not a world beater but maybe I should be higher here. Nobody has really covered him.

You can tell Tez Walker has speed. Does he have play strength? I think that’s what he needs. Really good hands and can adjust his body well.

Arizona receiver is terrible. Can’t separate and can’t catch.

I didn’t see the Florida receiver anywhere. Maybe we’ll have more clarity there tomorrow.

Tight Ends:

Theo Johnson made some plays. Just looks slow as dirt.

Offensive Line:

You can tell Oregon State (Taliese Fuaga) is strong. Everybody gets punked. Threw UCLA down like a little girl. Probably a right tackle only but his power has stood out. Didn’t lose.

63 Wisconsin (Tanor Bortolini) got beat by a swim move on Baylor. Then got trucked on a rep against Duke. He’s looked terrible.

Kingsley Suamataia BYU dumped Adisa Isaac like a child. Isaac is small but BYU is just everything you look for in a tackle. Dominant in everything he did. Do I need to remind you he’s Penei Sewell’s cousin and a former five star?

Oregon center. Really good day.

LaDarius Henderson is not strong. Fell over in a walk-through. Can’t dig his feet into the ground. Very underwhelmed.

Jordan Morgan at Arizona. He’s just kinda there. Some ups, some downs. Based on the goofy mocks out there, this is not a first round player.

Defensive Line:

I’m a fan of Tyler Davis. Just not sure he has any technique. Just a bull trying to cause havoc.

You can tell Michael Hall has a good first step. Nice hands too. Won a few times with the rip. Did that at Ohio State and thrived here. Gabe Hall of Baylor (same last night) was also impressive in a similar way.

Kansas pass rusher not good. No twitch. Panic spin to make anything happen.

Dwayne Carter trucked the Wisconsin center. Has some nasty to him.

Laiatu Latu UCLA lost some of the one-on-ones but thrived more in the team drill. Just not sure he’s an aircraft carrier. Can rush but is he going to overpower a stud tackle by himself? I have my doubts. It also seems like it’s the only thing he’s interested in. I’m less impressed than I was coming in.


Payton Wilson stood out. That was expected. Not much here otherwise. Notre Dame’s Liufau can run okay. Faster than Manti Teo. I’m just not sure how good he is yet.


Cam Hart had a pick covering Tez Walker. Not an easy guy to lock down. Impressive rep.

Quinyon Mitchell had a fantastic PBU in team drill. Small school guy from Toledo. Question mark coming in but I think he showed he can play. Then had another covering Rice. Guy came to play.

Johnny Dixon got his tail kicked the entire practice. Kalen King got burned by Tez Walker deep and should have been called for a hold. Then they ran it back and King didn’t sniff him. Both Penn State corners were underwhelming.


Josh Proctor didn’t hold up super well covering tight ends. Got beat by Penn State and he’s not even fast.

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