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2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl: Day One Practice Notes

Reese's Senior Bowl

Reese's Senior Bowl
We’re working with bread crumbs here but this is the best it’s going to get for day one at the 2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl. Check out the practice notes here! (John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)

2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl: Day One Practice Notes

Jim Nagy blows so once again we get no footage from the first day of practice. It’s a crime what he’s done to this event. Nevertheless, I pride myself on being the best and a lot of this is American Idol. It doesn’t take me long to spot a guy that can’t play and that’s what this event is all about. For the first day of practices at the 2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl, I am limited to the one hour NFL Network recap and social clips from our guys Garrett and Marc who are at the event.

We’re going to do the best we can today. Without further ado, let’s get to the practice notes for day one.

Side Note: Thoughts on the one hour recap for NFL Network. I’m six minutes in and I haven’t seen an impactful rep thus far. It’s rankings and highlights from other games. Bread crumbs doesn’t even do it justice. We got next to nothing to work with.

Garrett and Marc did a great job and I will be using several notes from what I heard from them while actually being on the field.


The BYU guy looks lost. He’s 25 so if he’s not walking on water forget about it. Doesn’t look draftable. His balls looked like dead ducks laying on the field.

Max Duggan spun it a bit. Didn’t look dominant but there was something there. Can move around and get the ball where it needs to be down the field. It matters. Drives off the back foot well.

Frequent misses from the Shepard quarterback were a topic.

Running Backs:

Chase Brown had three fumbles on the day. Big yikes. Was he overwhelmed in a game full of All-Stars? We’re talking about a guy who was in college forever and didn’t do much until he got old. Just saying. Dropped a ball on a route too.

I’m a big fan of this Tyjae Spears. Looks fast. Jumps off the screen. Just has a gear to him. The home run runs were niiiiice.

Chris Rodriguez looks like a fat fullback. I think I’m all good here.

Quicksand on Roschon Johnson‘s feet. I know he’s a converted quarterback guy but I just don’t think there’s anything here. Not NFL caliber back.

Wide Receivers:

Ronnie Bell blows. No explosion and the hands are far from elite to make up for it. Just not interested.

Jonathan Mingo looks like 5th rounder all over him that becomes a guy that can make the room and make plays. I don’t think he looks awful. Maybe deserves a tad more respect. However, he’s never going to be a good separator.

Rashee Rice SMU looks like just a guy.

Princeton can’t separate at all.

Does BYU have a sneaky good receiver? Puka Nacua was the talk of the town from the insight I got. On the recap, Nacua got open and showed some nice ball skills. What does it mean? We’ll find out tomorrow. Looks like he can adjust with the ball in the air.

Tight Ends:

Are we sure Cameron Latu can’t play? All I see is the guy catches everything thrown his way and he finds holes in defenses. It’s something.

Luke Musgrave looks interesting. I’m going to assume he can block because that runs in the family. Looks like he can move but is there grease lightning? Doesn’t look like it. Some balance things my eyes saw sinking with the hips in routes. Might have something here though. Does look capable catching the ball.

Offensive Line

Do we worry about Cody Mauch’s length? Looks like he belongs but what’s the upside? The short arms were noticeable in the drills. Never really able to bury guys off the jump.

Dawand Jones looks unbelievable. Knee bend might be an issue but wow. Largest wingspan ever at the Senior Bowl event. Just looks like a monster. I want him. He was mentioned in my preview for a reason.

Michigan center continues to look good. The girls that get it, get it. The girls that don’t, don’t. The deniers will find out the hard way.

Blake Freeland looks alright. Reports from our people indicate an up and down day. Looks big with some strength but is going to lose those battles against those with speed.

Defensive Line:

Georgia Tech guy Keion White is getting a lot of hype. I saw Ohio State bury him in a team drill. I am making no declaration yet. No real recruiting background and former tight end. Idk man… The highlights I saw even during his interview on the recap looked bad. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.


South Carolina corner came up with a pick covering Mingo. Darius Rush may be a name to watch going forward. I don’t remember a ton of him during the year but that rep against Mingo was something.


Marc says Demarcco Hellams got a pick in the team drills. Really good to hear. Him having ball production is a plus!

Additional notes to share from the insight I got.

  • The fellas claim Evan Hull had a great day. I’m not into him but that’s the word I received.
  • The fellas also claim Isaiah Wilson at Stanford was by far the best receiver.
  • Average day for Christopher Smith? That’s what they say.
  • Stock up for Derick Hall. He’s a guy I’ve been in on anyway.


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