Jim Nagy
Jim Nagy is a clueless dope. Nagy has been making a fool of himself on ESPN

Long live the days of Phil Savage running the Senior Bowl. Since Savage left the Senior Bowl operations, he was eventually replaced by Jim Nagy. I really had no expectations for Nagy going in. All I knew is that he used to work for the Seahawks. Nagy took over the Senior Bowl this year and there were big problems.

Bad Weather hit the area one of the days. Nagy responded by moving practice indoors. No quarrels there. What did bother me was he then banned media members from entering the indoor stadium. If I would have bought a plane ticket and flew all the way down there for this jackass to then cancel practice… I would have found his hotel room and fought him on the spot. NFL Network wasn’t even allowed to film the practice which they do every other day. Nagy did let one media group inside the building, ESPN.

At the time, I was just thankful I got to watch part of the event. ESPN’s coverage was shit but at least it was televised. Couldn’t say the same about NFL Network that day. Now that I look back on that day, Nagy was pulling some cheese all along. Nagy months later found himself a job working for ESPN.

I have some problems with this. A: this guy was just named the director of the Senior Bowl. He wasn’t nearly as good as Phil Savage. If I’m just taking over that job, wouldn’t it be a good idea to first catch up on film for the upcoming Senior class? Break down all the film for those guys so you know who to scout in the fall. Nagy obviously didn’t do that. Instead, he whored himself out to ESPN. Clearly, he let the spotlight get to him and thinks his opinion now matters and belongs on National Television.

The second problem I have with this only confirms an earlier thought. Jim Nagy is a clueless dope. He’s not smart, intelligent, cunning, or provides anything to the conversation. I stumbled upon a couple of Youtube clips today. I’m a draft junking so if I see NFL Draft content, I’ll probably click on it. ESPN posted two clips on the draft. Both of which Nagy is an analyst for.

The first one is about Devin White and Devin Bush. Both great player. Both will be taken in the first round. Devin White is my favorite player in the entire draft class. I told you guys months ago in my themes to prepare for article that White was the only guy in the draft that checked every single box. Speed, range, tackling ability, blitz, coverage, leadership, off the field make up, etc, etc, etc. He’s perfect and probably better than Roquan Smith. Devin Bush is also a great player. He’s just 90 percent of Devin White.

The clip starts out with Teddy Bruschi breaking down film of White. He does a really great job of it. The host of the show then asks Nagy for his take. This dumb ass comments by saying “hey he’s also good as a blitzer” despite the fact the Buschi literally just went over that 15 seconds prior. It was a bad start for Nagy, but hey, maybe he has some TV jitters.

Nope… It didn’t stop there. This next clip is about Dwayne Haskins.

Haskins is a polarizing prospect. Haskins is really tough to project. Throwing for 50 touchdowns in a year is no joke. Haskins did just that. The problem is he also had the highest yard after the catch rate of any quarterback in the country. The Bullis prep product had a lot of help from studs like Parris Campbell. Haskins also had to deal with the Urban Meyer nonsense. Was that a positive or negative? Who knows?

I have a lot of respect for Louis Riddick. He does a nice job breaking things down and providing insight. Bruschi also does his thing. When the discussion continues and it’s Nagy’s turn to respond, we get something along the lines of “I have nothing else to add”.

Yup, thought so. Shut your whore mouth, Nagy. I knew it all along. Jim Nagy is a clueless dope. He doesn’t know a damn thing – Not one. I could prop a bunny on the desk and let him start hopping around and that would be more insightful. ESPN nailed it again. They hired a total moron.