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2023 NFL Scouting Combine: Wide Receiver Notes

2023 NFL Scouting Combine

2023 NFL Scouting Combine
How did the wide receivers fare at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine? Get all the NFL Draft notes you need from the combine right here! (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

2023 NFL Scouting Combine: Wide Receiver Notes

Let me start by saying it’s very hard to track who is who during drills when they only tell you who the quarterback is and not the receiver running routes. We’re doing the best we can from the couch. I’m tired and it’s been a hectic few days. Here are your wide receiver notes for the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine.

Quarterback notes are already out and can be seen here.

Group 1

I still think the Calvin Ridley comps for Jordan Addison are accurate. Just such a glider. Going to win routes. Didn’t get to see as much because he goes first in the drills and commercials miss him. Didn’t matter. I’ve seen plenty at USC. 40 time was fine (4.49). High points really well. Pulled out of drills a tad early.

Not a fan of Ronnie Bell. The 40 time here is accurate for what he is (). He’s just not good. No quickness.

Jake Bobo didn’t run but that’s his question mark so what exactly do you want me to do here? I know he can catch. I know he can kinda scout and get open. What’s the speed? We still don’t know sooooo.

LSU puts out good receivers and Kayshon Boutte is no different. He’s not a blazer (4.50) but that was anticipated. That time is more than fine. Caught the ball really well in the gauntlet. Not a pure glider but he feels very Anquan Bolden but not as tough. On the scale of LSU guys he’s not Chase but I do think he’s better than Terrace Marshall. There is talent. I’m not sure he’s elite at anything but he’s a mix of well rounded good. Does that make sense?

Jalen Brooks really long strider but slow. How does he fit in at any role? Terrible knee bend. Can sink and create separation. He’s awful.

Jacob Copeland surprising with some hidden athletic traits? Former Florida transfer ran a (4.42). Something I for sure didn’t see coming. Route running was less impressive. Straight line might be there but maybe we’re starting to figure out why he wasn’t super productive. Where is the sizzle in short areas? Route running doesn’t feel NFL ready.

Jalen Moreno-Cropper was the small guy that actually impressed. He can run. Hands not perfect but it’s something. Has some quickness. Can get where he wants to go short area. He’s way better than the other smaller / quick guys Davis or Dell.

Derius Davis ran a 4.36 time. I just don’t know what else he did besides that. Average on field workout.

Tank Dell is too small (160 soaking wet) and not fast enough to make up for it (4.49). Didn’t love the hands either. We’ve seen these small guys fail to find roles and fail.

Dontay Demus is semi smooth but no juice. Waiting for him to gear up and it just never comes. 40 was fine. He’s there.

Josh Downs feels like Zay Flowers except with 5% less juice. Maybe it’s not fair cause I really like him but I’m just way more into Flowers. I really want to compliment Downs but everytime I write something down Flowers goes two reps after and just looks a hair better. Will say I think he’s very good. Quickness isn’t a question.

Grant DuBose was kinda lost at the shuffle at the Senior Bowl. I basically have nothing on him there. Had bad drop and slipped ruing the gauntlet. Might be a 50-50 guy? I’m not sure what’s really here.

Zay Flowers is just so smooth man. Runs well. His gauntlet was flawless. Straight down the line and confident. Doesn’t just have a gear. Short area can zing! Excellent on the go balls too. Every time he runs I get excited on anything he does. Number one workout in group one. No question about it.

I can’t believe Bryce Ford-Wheaton ran that fast (4.38). His play speed never shows that. I can’t stress enough how nuts that time is for him. Clip of Flowers and WVU product back to back kinda shows it. His hands are there. Really good in 50-50 balls at WVU. Slow on field speed.

Antoine Green ran about as fast as Josh Downs (4.47) but do you see the way he was drifting in the gauntlet? Not nearly as polished or controlled. All over the place in the gauntlet. Hands weren’t great either. Hands might be awful actually.

Jadon Haselwood is someone we tracked during the season but does he have the requisite juice? The 40 time isn’t everything but it tells a lot of the story with Haselwood. Shaky in the gauntlet in terms of staying on the line. His speed is going to hurt him and there’s no way around it. It’s like he has to gear down to do what he wants and it’s not enough. His second and third gear even on routes doesn’t exist. Back bender.

Elijah Higgins feels like a Claypool. Would love to see him be a tight end. Caught the ball well. Is a big body. For a guy his size moves well short area change of direction. It’s not perfect but as a mismatch guy?

Xavier Hutchinson. Gauntlet very good. In control. No real negatives but wasn’t blown away.

Jalin Hyatt is the next Will Fuller. That’s what I see anyway. What’s the route tree? Certainly can run but is he a complete receiver? It’s a very fair question. 4.40 is blazing and falls in line with that. During drills he showed can do the change of direction stuff but it’s not as natural. That being said he’s growing on me more and more. All the things that people say they’re concerned about are things he can do, not can’t do.

Andrei Iosivas is someone I was out on at the Senior Bowl so I won’t waste much time. Ran faster than expected but does it matter? Andy Isabella vibes expect bigger and less wiggle. You can see the issues in his change of direction. Takes an extra three steps in short area that prevents him for bursting for what’s needed.

Is Kearis Jackson a real receiver or a gadget guy? I was hoping the 40 time of (4.55) would come in better. Does anybody feel confident in projecting what he is?

Rakim Jarrett ran faster than I expected. Just solid all around day. Caught the ball well. No grease lightning but he’s a good player. 4.44 is a HUGE win for him. Going to go lower than he should.

Group Two

Jaray Jenkins not quick at all. Didn’t run so he’s not that fast either.

Quentin Johnston no 40 and drifting all over the place in the gauntlet. Charlie Jones way smoother. I really worry about this one. Big 12 track record is bad. I don’t know how else to describe him other than spazzy. Serious Kevin White vibes. Might make it but doesn’t feel ready right away. His height with the movement makes you feel like there’s hope but it’s hope.

Charlie Jones ran! AND fast! (4.43) time is legit. Gross knee bender in a good way. I’m confident he’s making it just based on the field workout. Love knee bend. Going to win on deep balls. Looks damn good.

Matt Landers woah! How about that time (4.37)? At his size(6-foot-5). I can’t believe what I saw. Quickness not nearly as good.

Marvin Mims Jr. just so everyone is aware is someone I love. His tracking ability is awesome. Aced the gauntlet. Thing I love about him is he goes and never looks like he’s straining. Makes things look easy. Speed is there. Wiggle also there. Balance not a total A but has short area burst. 4.38 for him wasn’t surprising. I know he can go.

Jonathan Mingo is classic Ole Miss. Feels homeless man DK but does have some pipes on him. What else do you want?

Puka Nacua no 40 time after impressing. Gauntlet was excellent. Straight down the line and zooming. Big stress on the zoom.

Joseph Ngata cheating on the gauntlet trying to sway up to make life easier. Speed is fine (). Bigger story is the Clemson WR quality has just taken a dip. Don’t think elite Clemson just plays anymore. Not terrible. Way more upside than an Amari Rodgers and way more physically put together. For sure looks better than most for his height, weight, speed. Just not typical A level Clemson material.

Trey Palmer surprised with a much better time than anticipated. I liked his movement skills before but I didn’t think he was a burner like this? Very blown away. Gauntlet was great. Very much looks like a former LSU product. Why didn’t he make LSU’s team? I can’t believe he clocked in at 4.33

A.T. Perry Awful gauntlet. Big drifter. He’s fine…

Jayden Reed can run. Play speed looks good. Play speed is there. Kinda looks like a punt returner that can develop down the line into more.

Rashee Rice was definitely a winner. Never really won me over at the Combine. Has some contested catch skills but where’s the juice? His time is more than fine (). Play speed above average. Not overly worried about route runner but it’s not like it’s sizzle.

Tyler Scott gets a plus for the gauntlet. Not sure what else is there besides speed gadget.

Justin Shorter. What’s the difference between him and Dontay Demus? Not sure there is one.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba* No 40 but did work out. Not blown away on the gauntlet. hands look really good. Slot guy. Can he be an outside guy? Foot work is good. Quick and choppy but he’s moving. Easy mover. His feet are really quick. His cuts are what you want to see.

Cedric Tillman’s 40 time was huge. At his size to run a (4.54) is a huge win. He’s more of a mover than he gets credit for. I know he can catch the contested ball too from his time at UT. Big body and confident hands. Not going to win all the short area stuff.

What do we make of Mitchell Tinsley & Parker Washington? They feel like depth Penn State guys and that’s that. Sort of blended in the day.

I think the thing I like most about Jalen Wayne is the fact that he’s related to Reggie Wayne. Really bad gauntlet.

Michael Wilson looks pretty good matching catches over the shoulder. That’s all I know. Might be something to it. Underrated in terms of just never panicking. Underrated suddenness. Sinking the hips and creating that inch. Ball in the air he knows how to adjust.

Vendetta Sports Post 2023 NFL Scouting Combine WR Rankings

1. Zay Flowers (Boston College)

2. Jordan Addison (USC)

3. Jaxon Smith-Njigba (Ohio State)

4. Marvin Mims (Oklahoma)

5. Kayshon Boutte (LSU)

Just missed Jalin Hyatt (Tennessee)


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