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2023 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 13

2023 NFL Draft

2023 NFL Draft
CJ Stroud stinks. There I said it. Check out the rest of the 2023 NFL Draft stock report notes for week 13. (David Petkiewicz, cleveland.com)

2023 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 13

Trey actually left the house on a Saturday excluding morning gym time. I get one weekend to not focus solely on football, right? That being said, I can’t leave you guys stranded so you’re getting one game and one game only. I don’t sit here and pretend to talk about prospects I haven’t seen that week like the other frauds out there. It’s Michigan vs. Ohio State time and we’re going to talk about it when it comes to the 2023 NFL Draft. Don’t worry, you’re getting plenty.

Let’s do this thing. Michigan and Ohio State. Before I really begin, games like this are why college football is so great. The regular season matters and that game was an elimination game. Expand it to 12 and this game means nothing. Hope you all enjoyed today.


Let’s start with the bad or finite notes first. Mike Morris and Blake Corum were both banged up. Neither contributed much in the game. Corum, in particular, had just two carries before exiting for the rest of the game.

I want to start there because this is exactly what I’ve been trying to tell you for weeks. This Michigan offensive line moves bodies and it starts right down the damn middle with their center Olusegun Oluwatimi.

Donovan Edwards (not draft eligible but more explosive and just better than Corum) ripped off 216 rushing yards on 22 attempts. The video above shows his two long touchdown runs. I also want you to watch which hole he runs through as he scoots for the score. For the record, I think the right guard Zak Zinter is pretty good too. He’s going to be a middle round guard for someone.

The point still stands. I think a lot of backs could be successful behind that line and I’m not going to blow my load on Corum only to go watch him run a 4.6 at the combine. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. The best overall player on that Michigan offense is that dude right in the middle anchoring everything.

Weapons wise, I think we learned a lot. Roman Wilson was nowhere to be found. One catch for zero yards. I don’t think he’s very good. What’s he good at? Returning punts?

Really bad day for Ronnie Bell too. He can’t separate at all. He’s a bad impersonation of Donovan Peoples-Jones. Not that tall either (6-foot). Finished the day with three receptions for 46 yards. Screams Amari Rodgers. Some moron team will take this guy in the 3rd round and wonder why he sucks. No freakish traits.

The winner was Cornelius Johnson who had the best game of his life. Four grabs for 160 yards and two scores. Both long bombs from JJ McCarthy. It looks like he can run pretty well and has some size on him at 6-foot-3.

Johnson was the HS player of the year in Connecticut. Now a senior and starting to find his groove. These next few games are going to be huge for Johnson. Not ready to make any drastic call here.

Let’s shift over to the defense. Mike Sainristil did some great things. Former converted wide receiver that plays the ball well in the air. Still no picks on the year but had two huge pass breakups in this one. 5-foot-10 with some length. Can tackle.

Guy was all over the place and looks like he can run. Spent some time covering super Marvin too and didn’t look foolish doing it.

Eyabi Okie got a sack in this one which really kinda sealed the deal. It should have been a sack, fumble, score but the refs botched it. He’s a third down passer and that’s all he is. However, I caution people not to totally write this off.

Can I have this guy in the 6th round? Can he be my Dadi Nicholas but cracked out? Don’t tell me there isn’t anything here. Not everyone needs to go to the Hall of Fame. Sometimes I just need one sack. I feel good about his chances on doing so every time I ask for one. Did you see what I did?

Ohio State

Small note before I get the blow torch out. That’s the best I’ve ever seen Zach Harrison look. Looked quick. Chasing guys down sideline to sideline. Swatting two passes down. Really undersized listed at 272 but comes in at 6-foot-6. I think there are some raw traits that we haven’t quite seen his full blow up yet.

This secondary also blows. I’ll have to go back and really track who is who but they’re horrible. Can’t cover anybody. They may as well tell Tanner McCalister to go back to Oklahoma State. They all stink. All of them.

I only really have two more quick positives to get to. Hey, look at Julian Flemming! He actually did something. Five catches for 47 yards in this one. If you swapped him and Jadon Haselwood at Arkansas, I think they would do the exact same thing. Something to keep in mind.

I’m also going to get carried away on this one but I’m so happy for Chip Trayanum. The real OG’s that pay attention more so know him as DeaMonte, a former sneaky good running back at Arizona State. Okay, fine, I’m going to date myself here but you’re here and we’re vibing so let’s just do it.

Trayanum was born in Ohio and somehow wound up with the Sun Devils. We have to remember this was Herm Edwards at the height of his powers there when they still had Jayden Daniels. He wasn’t totally failing at recruiting while there. Herm was just too much of a bone head and his flaws eventually caught up to him.

Anyway, continuing along here, let’s pick up back half of the 2020 season. Trayanum starts getting more of an opportunity. 49 carries, 290 yards, four scores, and a 5.9 YPC average. I think I had him like 15th on my future RB’s list in fantasy. Dead serious.

Year later he’s barely getting more carries and now is playing linebacker?

Year after that he’s at Ohio State now and we resume. Still playing linebacker but here now nevertheless.

I thought it was a damn good performance. 14 carries for 83 yards on what I consider to be a pretty good Michigan front. Can we be done with the linebacker BS now?

Here’s what I like about him. Guy carries his weight well. 230 but that guy can run. Tough. Think he can catch too. I don’t think I’m worried about a guy who plays linebacker picking up a blitz in pass protection either. He should go back to school but I guess you can’t rule stuff out anymore.

Ohio State’s running back room next year should be Henderson, Hayden, and this dude. Puts together a full consistent year and I don’t see why he can’t be another Rhamondre Stevenson.

No more positivity for these Buckeyes. God, that was awful. I know I bragged up Cade Stover, once upon a time, but wow his hands stink.

I can’t bury the lead anymore. I’m rarely a blame the quarterback guy. I think it’s archaic and embarrassing. In this instance, I’m going with what my eyes are telling me. Ohio State pounds Michigan year after year. CJ Stroud shows up and now they can’t buy a win? Back to back years he comes up small? This time AT HOME? Do we understand how hard it is to win on the road in college football? At home and couldn’t pick up first downs. I’m sorry that wasn’t good enough.

JJ McCarthy is better than CJ Stroud. I don’t see how it’s a debate. Use your eyes. I could have thrown out that bum at Purdue and he could make throws to Marvin Harrison Jr. Syracuse’s quarterback could do this. I thought Stroud looked horrific.

There has to be a stat out there for this but I gotta know his depth of target. His anticipation sucks. The playcalling gives him so many layups that he just flat out doesn’t hit. Would love to know the YAC percentage for his passing yards. I fail to see alpha. Holds onto the ball way too long unless it’s a designed dump off. I think I yelled he sucks at the TV 12 times.

Are there times he can drop the ball in a bucket? Yes. There are times he can make the throw in the spot where it needs to be. I just don’t know how you ignore the red flags. I think when the time comes I’m going to be on the declared out stance.

Athleticism is overstated. I refuse to believe he runs a 40 better than Josh Allen. No power in the legs either like Jalen Hurts. I can’t see how he runs a great time. Has a good arm but not a great arm. The accuracy isn’t good enough. I think he’s miles behind Justin Fields and that right there should give you an idea of how he’s going to translate. I had him as a second rounder with a chance to develop into a quality starter but even that feels high. I think I’m ok with letting him be someone else’s developmental task.

If you missed last week, get your week 12 notes for the 2023 NFL Draft here.

Ok, I lied. I thought I was only going to get to watch the Michigan beatdown but I was able to get more game time in. We went to bark social and I bet Oregon State heavy so I got invested. We’ll do a quick breakdown of Oregon vs. Oregon State too. Oh, and I promise this post is coming. Caleb Williams is going first next year regardless of whether he plays another snap in college.


Hey, can we talk about this corner Christian Gonzalez? Had a really nice interception in this one.


Not only that but looks big too. 6-foot-2? Thick too. Excuse me but do we actually have something here? I’ve liked Oregon secondary guys in the past (most notably Jevon Holland, a big win on my call). I think we may have something. I don’t exactly know what it is yet but looks dangerous. That’s his 4th pick of the year, by the way.

Oregon State

I know I get my heart broken on these guys (AKA Jacquizz Rodgers) but can we talk about Silas Bolden? I’m just saying there’s something about the Beavers in the black and orange that get me going. He weighs nothing but maybe a team like the Chiefs can figure something out here. He’s a weapon. Wasn’t a super productive game for him and probably will return to school. Just a name I want to keep tabs on.


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