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2023 Fantasy Rookie WR Rankings

2023 Fantasy WR Rankings

2023 Fantasy WR Rankings
The 2023 fantasy football rookie WR rankings are here. Check out the full list to see where each player is ranked! (Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

2023 Fantasy Rookie WR Rankings

After hitting the quarterbacks and running backs, it’s time to move to the wide receivers. The 2023 fantasy football rookie WR rankings may cause some controversy but you have to bold in order to win. Aggressive always wins in fantasy. It’s a wide open wide receiver class so let’s get right to the rankings.

Before I really dive into this, I just want to note that I’m just pessimistic about this class. It doesn’t feel nearly as strong as some of the other alien receivers that have entered the league recently. Whether it be bad landing spot or limited talent, I wouldn’t trade an arm and a leg to get anybody on here. Be advised.

15: Tank Dell (Texans)

I don’t feel good about it because he’s tiny and tiny never really ever thrives in fantasy. Name whoever you want. Dri Archer, etc, etc. They’re always non-factors. Dell makes the list due to the fact that he was picked in the third round and Houston has no one.

14: Michael Wilson (Cardinals)

It’s a rebuilding team so this one is really dynasty only. With that in mind, it feels like only a matter of time before Arizona moves off DeAndre Hopkins. Marquise Brown is no lock to stick around long term either. Rondale Moore shouldn’t affect Wilson’s role regardless of whether he pans out. Wilson flashed at the Senior Bowl and may just have what it takes to make it.

13: Cedric Tillman (Browns)

There are a ton of question marks with this Cleveland offense. Regardless, they still need help at receiver outside of Amari Cooper so Cedric Tillman could find his niche rather quickly. Big body contested catch guy that should get his red area looks. If you’re optimistic on Deshaun Watson, you should be on this too.

12: Charlie Jones (Bengals)

I just really like Charlie Jones. Cincinnati is loaded at receiver but this feels like the long term replacement for Tyler Boyd. You may have to wait until this fantasy stock becomes ripe. When it does, there could be major potential. Yes, Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins are still there. I just remind you that Wes Welker got his points in New England despite having Randy Moss and Dante Stallworth. Not saying Jones is Welker but I’m telling you that guy is good and the situation is awesome. I haven’t even mentioned Joe Burrow yet.

11: Marvin Mims (Broncos)

Russell Wilson might stink now but he has Sean Payton so odds are he’s going to be better. Having Payton has your coach for a fantasy asset is never a bad thing. Mims also finds himself in an interesting spot. Yes, Denver has Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton, but nobody overlaps.

Jeudy is the pure route runner. Sutton is the big body guy. Mims is the speed demon to stretch the field. It all works. You will never know when to start him so choose best ball and you won’t have to worry about that.

10: Jayden Reed (Packers)

Keon Coleman was the best receiver on Michigan State last year so I can’t understand why Reed even got picked in the second round but whatever. Maybe people feel differently but Reed is probably lower on my list despite being a second round pick for obvious reasons.

Green Bay wants to run the ball. Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon are both going to get their looks. That includes the passing game. Peep the reception numbers for those two guys. I would imagine Jordan Love isn’t going to be told to make the offense more complex.

Furthermore, you have Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson heading into year two. Both guys were complete hits as rookies. Reed is a deep threat but not much more. I can’t see how he surpasses either of those guys in the pecking order. Is Love capable of supporting that many guys from a fantasy perspective? It’s something to consider.

9: Kayshon Boutte (Patriots)

Kayshon Boutte is already the best wide receiver on the Patriots roster. Yes, and I’m not going to apologize for it either. A 6th round pick is the best wide receiver on that roster and I don’t care what anybody says. Do you need me to say it for a third time?

The talent is undeniable. A defensive coordinator isn’t calling offensive plays anymore so the offense can’t possibly get worse. The competition on the roster is non-existent. Yes, you should have Boutte higher on your list compared to what the actual draft cost was.

8: Josh Downs (Colts)

Who knows how this Anthony Richardson thing is going to turn out? The Colts passing game at least has some hope again. It’s also a wide receiver room that doesn’t have a lot of bodies. Michael Pittman and Alec Pierce aren’t world beaters. I comped Josh Downs to a Santana Moss type of guy. The Colts offense will need to start humming again but Downs certainly has fantasy upside.

7: Quentin Johnston (Chargers)

Quentin Johnston, to me, is the biggest wildcard in the entire class. I understand why the Chargers picked him but there is major risk in this selection. Long term, you might not get anything here. Short term, he’s behind Keenan Allen and Mike Williams.

The good news is that Justin Herbert is the quarterback and it’s not an awful situation to enter. Johnston has time to refine his craft while learning from two good ones. Both Allen and Williams might not be on the roster two years from now either. Allen is regressing and Williams is a guaranteed cut candidate with the contract he carries.

Good luck. That’s my advice to you.

6: Zay Flowers (Ravens)

I imagine being part of a Lamar Jackson in fantasy is similar to being pulled over by a cop. There is no great outcome and you never know when you’re going to get away with it. There may be weeks where Flowers pops off and reels in some big weeks. You will also never know when to start him and will get Marquise Brown flashbacks that almost send you into a coma. Is it worth it?

I’d argue no. I’d be looking to sell if I had Flowers. If Mark Andrews isn’t putting up consistent fantasy totals in Baltimore then no one will. It’s a run first offense that will probably become more run first after the injury to Lamar last year. Also, have competition for targets. You already know Odell is a complainer for the ball. Rashod Bateman and Devin Duvernay also exist. It’s a first round pick so yay but…

5: Jonathan Mingo (Panthers)

I think Jonathan Mingo is starting to become overhyped. This is not the next coming of AJ Brown or DK Metcalf. If you think that’s in the cards someone might need to give you a slap. However, this is a pretty good landing spot.

No real stud in the room unless you’re counting aging Adam Thielen. Frank Reich should steady the offense and this Panthers team really isn’t that bad. Bryce Young is an upgrade over whatever they had last year. He’s the most ready to play rookie.

4: Jaxon Smith-Njigba (Seahawks)

I still question whether Geno Smith can repeat what he did last year. What if it was a fluke? I’d tend to lean that it was. Geno’s production dipped late in the year too after a ridiculous start. With that being said, Smith-Njigba should be able to carve in the slot. DK Metcalf is there to steal attention away. Those two shouldn’t overlap at all and realistically is a perfect compliment. The part that sucks is Pete Carroll is going to run the hell out of the ball. Tyler Lockett is still here too. Like the upside but it’s not perfect.

3: Jordan Addison (Vikings)

I say the Ridley comp all the time because it’s just true. I think it holds up in fantasy as well. Like Ridley had in Atlanta with Julio Jones, Justin Jefferson is already a solid number one. Addison takes over as the secondary option with a lot of one on one matchups. A pretty good spot for fantasy. The only problem is Kirk Cousins is still the quarterback and there isn’t a pathway to making this team bad enough to acquire an upgrade. It really hurts Addison’s pure upside but he should be viewed as a quality cheap rookie in fantasy.

2: Jalin Hyatt (Giants)

Now we’re entering the spicy territory. Jalin Hyatt is already the best receiver on this roster and is a player I’ve compared to Will Fuller. Hopefully, Hyatt is the healthier version. Hyatt is the guy in New York and will get to play with genius Brian Daboll. I wish Daniel Jones was better but the targets will be there. Dynasty wise, who knows, maybe that QB upgrade comes when Hyatt really enters his prime. The only problem is best ball will be the preferred format. No idea how you know when to start a guy like this.

1: Rashee Rice (Chiefs)

Yes, I have Rashee Rice first. You’re going to have to deal with it. You know my rule by now in fantasy because it just works. Stop picking players on bad teams. On the flip side, make sure you target the players on the really good teams. Seems simple, yet nobody really does it. A prime example being last year when I told you that Travis Kelce was the ultimate cheat code in fantasy. Ya’ll just really let me have him in every league I was in. Crazy…

No, Rice isn’t Kelce but what a landing spot. Andy Reid. Patrick Mahomes. A team that’s void of talent at the wide receiver position. Rice should step into that JuJu Smith-Schuster role and thrive. It might not happen right away but I’d really want Rice long term. The only part that stinks is the fact that Rice isn’t a failproof prospect.

Side note: I’m still mad at Kansas City for passing on George Pickens. It never made sense. I’m still mad about it. Maybe I’m chasing the rabbit but Rice has to be first on your list. You’re a victim to the situation.

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