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2023 Fantasy Rookie QB Rankings

2023 Fantasy QB Rankings

2023 Fantasy QB Rankings
How should you rank the rookie quarterbacks heading into your fantasy league? Here are your 2023 fantasy rookie QB rankings. (Bryce Young / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages)

2023 Fantasy Rookie QB Rankings

Summer is coming which means it’s baseball and fantasy football content time for Trey. We’re going to keep this list short and sweet because even the most hardcore dynasty leagues aren’t carrying the later round rookie quarterbacks on their roster. Whether it be dynasty or redraft, the quarterback list should look fairly similar regardless of your league settings. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the 2023 fantasy rookie QB rankings!

5: Hendon Hooker (Lions)

I just don’t know how much Hendon Hooker stock I’d want in fantasy. In redraft, he’s basically worthless barring injury. It’s already been reported that Hooker is essentially going to be redshirted as a rookie. After that, you’re basically banking on the Lions not paying Jared GOOF. Does anybody feel strongly on how that goes one way or another?

Long term you’re signing up for meathead Dan Campbell and his horrible time management. This is also the same team that bombed the draft and wanted to take Jahmyr Gibbs with the sixth pick in the draft.

I would be trying to sell any and all Hendon Hooker fantasy stock. My best advice to you is to target the Lions fan in your league. It’s good enough to make the list because he went in the third round but that’s really all there is to support him making the list. Keep in mind he’s 26 by the time the guy plays a singular football game. If you want Hooker, buy the dip when it comes down the line.

Did Jameson Williams gain fantasy stock this past year? Now ask yourself that same question with a rookie quarterback that had one fluke year at Tennessee.

4: Will Levis (Titans)

I think I like Will Levis better as a fantasy quarterback than a real life quarterback. Remember, this is a guy that used to be a wildcat quarterback at Penn State. Levis is big, jacked, and can run. The rushing touchdowns will be there. Based on the general consensus of him being a weirdo, I think I’d buy low when it comes to a fantasy standpoint.

The job will be his at some point. I don’t know what you’re waiting for with this Malik Willis thing but I’ve tried to tell you several times that he stinks. Stinks to the point where he just doesn’t belong in the league. Ryan Tannehill is on far shakier ground than Goof from the standpoint that he’s been there longer and Tennessee has now drafted QBs in back-to-back years.

Levis will get playing time sooner than you think and the rushing touchdowns will be there. I’m not all the way in simply because I view the guy as a total wildcard on the Jordan Love scale but you get the point.

3: Anthony Richardson (Colts)

He shouldn’t play a snap this year but will. There isn’t a world where Richardson lights the world on fire day one. It won’t happen. This one is all about how you view Richardson and this landing spot.

Do you think the Colts will take care of him? Is Richardson on the same playing field as Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck? Those two were good enough to overcome the dysfunction. I’m not sure Richardson is. Also, are we positive Shane Steichen is head coach material? How does anybody know the answer to that question right now?

The rushing stuff should be there. I don’t love the pass catchers. Richardson is third on my quarterback list and he’ll be third on my fantasy list. He’s the biggest wildcard quarterback in recent memory and I’m not sure the Colts have what it takes to get the most out of him. This isn’t being handed Andy Reid.

2: CJ Stroud (Texans)

After the dust has settled, I’m not sure anybody picks Houston as the ultimate landing spot for a young quarterback. It’s all the things you don’t want. Is Dalton Schultz the best weapon he has to throw to? Is John Metchie going to be a factor? That’s also your only receiver and we haven’t even seen him yet. Defensive head coach. It’s nightmare city at least for two years here.

I have bought into the talent of Stroud but I can’t go higher than two. I don’t know how you can’t be nervous about this landing spot. It’s a bad Texans team that’s 20 guys away if not more.

1: Bryce Young (Panthers)

The Carolina Panthers are winning the NFC South. Injuries happen but they should be the favorites anyway. This is a Panthers team that returns all five starters along the offensive line and added more depth this offseason. The defense is already really good. The Panthers won 7 games last year and couldn’t get the quarterback spot right. Bryce Young is the most ready to go quarterback in the class and should be treated as such for fantasy.

Christian McCaffrey isn’t here anymore but it’s not a total blackhole at running back. Miles Sanders is a capable starter. You can do worse than the trio of Adam Thielen, Terrace Marshall, DJ Chark, and Jonathan Mingo. It’s not an A group but it’s better than what every other quarterback on this list has to work with.

Don’t think 30 touchdowns out of the gate is impossible. Frank Reich is a grown up and also the best offensive mind on the list too. Young is ready to play and will be a productive fantasy quarterback for as long as he’s healthy for.

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