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2023 Fantasy Hockey OnlyFans: Goalie Sleepers

Fantasy Hockey

Fantasy Hockey
The OnlyFans list is out for goalie sleepers. Which netminders should you take in fantasy hockey for the 2023-24 NHL Season? (Sofia Aristy/Vendetta Sports)

2023 Fantasy Hockey OnlyFans: Goalie Sleepers

The Don’t Eat The Cheese series is wrapped up and in the books. Now we’re looking for the league-winning sleepers for the 2023-24 NHL Season in fantasy hockey. As I’ve tried to stress to you several times now (as can be seen in the goalie bust post), please stop taking goalies inside the top 100 selections. The players on this OnlyFans list are your pathway toward fantasy hockey success. Get a few of these right and you’re in a prime position to win your league. Let’s get right to the Goalie OnlyFans you should be selecting in fantasy hockey this year!

Vitek Vanecek (New Jersey Devils) G12, 111th overall

Vanecek is a borderline sleeper because you’re still spending a semi-high pick to acquire him. Still, I want stock in the New Jersey Devils and this may be the rare instance where I’m willing to pay for it. The Devils are going to be damn good this year. Jersey won 52 games last year and was within an eyelash of winning the Metro. That’s a young team that’s only going to get better too.

Vanecek is the number one goalie there and is coming off a year where he won 33 games. He’s a solid B-level goalie in a really good spot. You can do worse than this.

Thatcher Demko (Vancouver Canucks) G13, 112th overall

Another borderline one but Thatcher Demko has a lot going for him. Last year was a down year but the two years prior, Demko notched a .915 SV%. That’s not bad, especially while in Vancouver. They should be marginally improved, or at least defensively. Rick Tochett at least creates stable coaching, which hasn’t been there in a while.

If healthy, Demko is the workhorse there. Two years ago he started 65 games. If healthy, that’s the number he’s going to be at. It’s really a matter if Vancouver is going to win enough. That’s a fair question but this has some potential upside for down the road. If Demko is dealt to a contender, he’s an elite goalie. Don’t think it’s impossible that happens. A fair price tag with the upside to be much more.

Frederick Andersen (Carolina Hurricanes) G16, 160th overall

In reality, this ranking is too low, but it’s fair given the health concerns. In Carolina, Andersen is an elite goalie when he starts. Last year you got 34 starts. The year prior it was 52. The year prior it was 24. That’s really all this is. The situation is too good for Freddie to not pick up points. That’s all he’s done since being in Carolina. For this price, he’s worth the gamble. If he gets put on IR, pick up the other Carolina goalies and you’re fine again.

Stuart Skinner (Edmonton Oilers) G17, 169th overall

I picked up Stuart Skinner off the waiver wire last year and it turned into a serious blessing. Skinner was really good as a rookie posting a .913 SV% while picking up 29 wins in the process. He’s also taken the starting job here on an Oilers team that’s going to win games. I’m actually surprised the price tag isn’t higher here. If I’m getting 50 starts of Skinner on this Oilers team, that’s just value that I can’t pass on.

Jacob Markstrom (Calgary Flames) G18, 206th overall

Sometimes you gotta play the stock market with these goalies and Jacob Markstrom is the perfect example of that. Two years ago Markstrom was on my team and I watched him post a .922 SV% including a league-leading nine shutouts. Last year I told you to avoid Markstrom and he turned into a straight pumpkin. Markstrom was terrible last year and killed every team he was on.

This year I’m telling you to buy back in. Mostly because the price is crazy low. Goalie 18 and 206th overall? I’ll take him at that price. We do get that Darryl Sutter was fired, right? The players hated him and the total season was a failure. Why is it crazy to think that Markstrom bounces back now that the toxic energy is gone?

If you take Markstrom, make sure you have an insurance policy in place. I do forecast a bounceback year, but if that doesn’t happen, maybe take a shot on youngster Dustin Wolf. Dan Vladar could figure things out too.

Pyotr Kochetkov (Carolina Hurricanes) G20, 213th overall

If you’re taking Kochetkov, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to roster Antti Raanta too if you have the space. If Raanta is healthy, he’s going to outproduce his G41 ranking. This is really an upside play over anything. We know that Andersen and or Raanta is going to go down at any moment during the year. If Kochetkov is getting starts, he has immense value. It’s something we talked a lot about last year. This guy has serious talent and will thrive in Carolina. Just needs the starts.

Joonas Korpisalo (Ottawa Senators) G21, 236th overall

Ottawa is paying Korpisalo to be the starter. If that’s the case, I’ll buy here. G21 and 236th overall? That’s basically free and free sounds great to me. I’m skeptical on whether the Sens are a good landing spot, but I’m bullish on them making the playoffs actually.

If the Sens makes the playoffs and Korpisalo performs as he did with the Kings last year, there is going to be plenty of value in terms of fantasy.

Cam Talbot (Los Angeles Kings) G22, 238th overall

Speaking of the Kings, welcome to the show, Cam Talbot. I don’t love Talbot, but being the number one in Los Angeles is a pretty good gig. Again, Korpisalo posted a .921 SV% down the stretch with Los Angeles last year. Talbot is showing signs of decline but the wins should be there. Pheonix Copley is the only other guy there. Why can’t Talbot run away with the job there and post quality numbers? At this price, it’s worth the gamble.

Logan Thompson (Vegas Golden Knights) G26, 280th overall

It doesn’t really matter who takes the net for the Vegas Golden Knights. Bruce Cassidy is the goalie whisperer and every single guy that plays for him aces the test. Logan Thompson was brilliant last year prior to getting injured. I don’t see any reason why he can’t continue the momentum. He was basically the best goalie in fantasy in the first half of last year.

The VGK won the Stanley Cup for a reason. Their blue line is great and it’s a well-coached team. The Wins will be there and Thompson has proven he can play. The guy made the damn All-Star team last year. I will gladly take him again at this price. The thing about Thompson and these Vegas goalies is you’re probably not going to get burned with any nightmare starts. It’s quality start after quality start because that’s the system. I have no issue rostering both VGK goalies and calling it a day. If you want to, go ahead and snag Robin Lehner for IR, just in case.

Adin Hill (Vegas Golden Knights) G27, 296th overall

Maybe the Adin Hill thing was a fluke. Maybe it wasn’t. Either way, I don’t really have to pay the price for finding out. He’s free. The goalie who lifted the Stanley Cup trophy is free. Not sure how it makes sense but that’s the world that we live in. Hill posted a .915 in 27 starts with Vegas last year. He’s since been paid and I would figure it’s going to be an even split with Thompson. I have no issue with inconsistent starts if I know I’m getting quality when he starts. This ranking is a joke and I’m not even bullish on Hill. Cassidy is the goalie whisperer. You’re not going to get burned either way by taking a VGK goalie.

Devon Levi (Buffalo Sabres) G28, Outside Top 300

I’m not really sure I understand why Levi is ranked so low. He’s the number one in Buffalo after Craig Anderson retired. Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen is still there but Levi performed better out of the two young guns last year. Levi is small but this Sabres team is on the rise. They realistically should be playoff-bound. If Levi is on a playoff team racking up wins, he’s going to finish way higher than this. I like his chances and I like the flashes we saw last year as a rookie.

Marc-Andre Fleury (Minnesota Wild) G32, Outside Top 300

The flower for free? You’re going to get some nightmare starts but you can do worse here. I don’t love the Wild but they’re going to be knocking on the playoff door again. They just seem to always be there in the end. At least from a regular season perspective.

So what if it doesn’t work out? If Fleury is done, the Wild have a youngster in the form of Jesper Wallstedt that you can pick up instead. Wallstedt has a lot of potential. If Fleury gets replaced, drop him for the hot prospect. Easy enough.

Jack Campbell (Edmonton Oilers) G33, Outside Top 300

I just have to believe that Campbell will be better than last year. We know he’s a streaky guy and things really can’t get much worse. Campbell even said himself that he was embarrassed by his performance. What if Campbell bounces back? Like seriously… can he get worse than last year?

If we even get a slight bounceback, Campbell has value. This Oilers team is going to win a lot of games and will get his fair share of starts just based on his AAV alone. For free, Campbell is worth the dart throw.

Jordan Binnington / Joel Hofer (St. Louis Blue) G48 & 49, Outside Top 300

It’s hard to take Sean Allen seriously when he prides himself on projecting stats and just doesn’t project anything for the Blues in the net. He seriously didn’t even attempt to project either of them. Have a look for yourself, it’s totally blank.

Someone has to start in the net for the Blues which means someone has to score fantasy points. I like the Blues as a bit of a bounce-back team too. Take both why not? They’re both free so if you’re going zero goalie, this isn’t a terrible route to take. Hofer is a young goalie who might have some promise.

Akira Schmid (New Jersey Devils) G51, Outside Top 300

Schmid was way too good last year to not be ranked. What was the difference between what Schmid did compared to Filip Gustavsson? You have to spend an arm and a leg to get Gustavsson while Schmid is free. Schmid also plays for a way better Devils team. In 18 starts last year, Schmid posted a .922 SV%. His starts should go way up this year and as mentioned previously, this Devils team is awesome. It’s criminal that he’s not ranked.

Joseph Woll (Toronto Maple Leafs) G96, Outside Top 300

Is Sean Allen aware that Woll posted a .932 SV% in seven starts last year? I understand that the Leafs signed Martin Jones but Woll can no longer be sent down anymore. Jones also flat-out stinks so I’m not sure why you would want to start him anyway. Jones hasn’t posted a SV% season of over .900 since the 2017-18 campaign. Ilya Samsonov has been inconsistent and has struggled with injuries in the past. There is a realistic pathway that Woll is the best goalie on a Leafs team that’s close to a lock to make the playoffs. Where do I sign?

Justus Annunen (Colorado Avalanche) G104, Outside Top 300

Pavel Francouz is ranked 45th and is essentially free, but it seems like the Avalanche are concerned about his health right now. Annunen wasn’t good last year but he’s still a young goalie figuring things out. It’s also one of the best situations to be in right now. We know that Colorado is going to steamroll their way to wins. If Annunen works his way into the goalie rotation, he has a TON of value.

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