2021 Divisional Round
2021 Divisional Round (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The 2021 Divisional Round sees the Green Bay Packers hosting the banged up Los Angeles Rams. The Packers being the number one seed in the NFC are playing in their first playoff game of the season. While the Rams are dealing with some key injuries that could severely impact the game.

However, we will look at who has the edge in this game.

GB -7, Saturday, January 16th, 2021 4:35 pm (FOX)

How The Packers Will Win The 2021 Divisional Round

Aaron Rodgers

It sounds simple but it’s true. Aaron Rodgers is most likely the MVP of the season and he will have to play like an MVP to win this one. Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and I wouldn’t bank on him having a bad game. The Rams have a great defense as we saw on Saturday. This will have to be a Rodgers take over the game if the Packers hope to win. Finding Davante Adams is a big key to success for the Pack. DK Metcalf was able to blow by the Rams secondary for some big plays and that is what Adams will have to do. Take deep shots and make sure those plays hit.

Stop the Rams From Running

Last week the Rams ran for 164 yards and dominated the line of scrimmage. That cannot happen this week. The Packers are not known for their defense which is why it must be imperative that they show up. The Rams are going expect to run the ball well stuff out the run game and the Rams offense will be forced to rely on Jared Goff with a broken thumb. Therefore, That bodes well for the Packers.

Tire Out The Defense

Tiring out this Rams defense will force the Rams on their back heels. That is a place you do not want to be when playing Rodgers. Rodgers’ ability to recognize weaknesses in the defense at a moments notice is uncanny. If the Rams can’t get to Rodgers and he starts carving up the secondary it will be a long day for the Rams. Come the 4th quarter the Rams won’t have much left to stop the Packers offense from marching up and down the field.

How The Rams Will Win

Protect Goff

Jared Goff is not good and is now hampered by that thumb injury add that with John Wolford most likely out for this game, Goff is all they have. Keeping Goff clean will help to keep the offense going and stay ahead of the chains. Should Goff be under fire every snap the Rams will lose very quickly.

Let Cam Akers Loose

Cam Akers had one hell of a game against the very bad Seattle defense last week. Rushing for 131 yards and a touchdown on 28 carries. If the Rams can keep Akers going and win the line of scrimmage that will set-up the play action which Goff loves. Therefore, creating easier opportunities for the Rams to score and keep the pressure on the Packers.

Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald’s Availability

Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald both left the game in Seattle early and remain questionable for now. Kupp is Goff’s favorite receiver and is excellent working in the slot. Kupp still led the team in targets and receiving yards last game even with leaving the game early. His status will determine a big part of what the Rams want to do offensively.

Aaron Donald without question is an absolute game-changer. Donald may be the only non-QB that impacts a game quite as he does. Donald had a rib injury during the 4th quarter of the Rams victory in Seattle. Should Donald not be able to play that is a big hit to the Rams defense and takes a lot of pressure off of the Packers’ offensive line. I expect Donald to give it a go he’s a tough dude. However, how effective will he be if the injury is significant enough to affect his movement?

Prediction Green Bay wins 27-20.

The Packers are far too good and the Rams have too many injury questions to get through. The Rams put up a fight however, the Packers come through in the end and advance to the NFC Championship.