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Aaron Rodgers

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Let’s Appreciate The Greatness Of Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers
Let’s all appreciate the greatness of Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is on the ultimate fuck you tour and it’s the best sports watching experience on the planet. (Brad Rempel/USA TODAY Sports)

Let’s Appreciate The Greatness Of Aaron Rodgers

Do you remember how awesome Christmas was as a kid growing up? Then you realize one day that Santa isn’t real and it never really feels the same? The presents slowly start to go downhill as you get older. Once that moment is gone, it’s gone forever. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the gift that keeps on giving, Aaron Rodgers.

Seriously, I know we humans don’t do this enough. Take a moment to sit back and really think about how fun it is to watch Rodgers at the top of his game. It might be the last time we really see it to this degree. Once that moment is gone, we’re never getting it back.

The 2020 NFL Season has been the perfect culmination of greatness when pushed that extra step. Look, the Jordan Love pick was beyond stupid. However, it gave us one of the greatest gifts of the season. Aaron Rodgers is PISSED OFF and playing like a man possessed.

Maybe you’re one of those people that didn’t think the Jordan Love picked affected Rodgers. I would then tell you that you’ve never competed in anything in your life so shut up and listen. The Jordan Love pick gave Rodgers that eye of the tiger again.

“You think I’m washed up? You’re not going to get me some help after an NFC Title appearance? K… I’ll show you”

Any high-level athlete knows what that feels like. Any person reading that sentence got the goosies down their spin and are ready to spend the next few hours punching themselves in the face if it means proving you wrong. Like any UFC fighter with that look, you knew Rodgers had won the fight this year before he stepped into the ring.

Rodgers is a lock to win the MVP at this point. Through 15 games, Green Bay is 12-3 and are the number one seed in the NFC. Rodgers is completing over 70 percent of his throws and sports a TD to INT ratio of 44-5. While Rodgers has a very competent offensive line and star receiver in Davante Adams, there is no question Rodgers has been the most VALUABLE player in the sport.

If Rodgers had retired before the start of the season, Green Bay would be a 5 win team. Jordan Love wasn’t close to being ready to play and couldn’t beat out Tim Boyle for the backup job. If Patrick Mahomes left the Chiefs tomorrow, they would turn back into the Alex Smith version. A perennial playoff team not quite good enough to win a title.

Rodgers has been the life preserver for the Packer franchise. It’s a team without an owner, a city where no free agents want to play, and an organization that kept Mike McCarthy employed for 12 years. How’s McCarthy doing in Dallas, by the way?

Think about what Rodgers has built with Matt LeFleur. Are we sure LeFleur is even a good head coach? What is undeniable is the Titans’ offense got better before he was hired and after he left. It doesn’t matter. Rodgers just needed someone capable of chewing gum and walking at the same time. As a former Shanahan disciple, LeFleur qualified as such.

Did you know that Matt LeFleur is 25-6 as a head coach in the NFL? Do you know how impossible that is for a coach that’s barely older than his quarterback and was probably rushed into a job? I can bet the minute that Rodgers walks out the door, he won’t win 13 games a year.

The transformation of Aaron Rodgers is something we might never see again. Does anybody remember the way Rodgers threw the ball at Cal?

I know the Alex Smith vs. Aaron Rodgers draft looks easy now but it was really revisionist history. Rodgers was the better prospect with a much higher ceiling. There shouldn’t have been a discussion because Smith really had no business being a number one pick. However, Rodgers was really combustible.

At Cal, Rodgers held the ball like he was trying to call someone on the phone. He looked more robot than a fluid athlete. The pure arm talent was always there but he was far from a finished product.

Learning behind Brett Favre was a great thing for Rodgers. Today the media is so horny to see rookies and panic when they have a bad start or two. What Rodgers got was time and by time, I mean to change his game.

Favre was the perfect mentor for Rodgers because of what he represented. Favre was a loose gunslinger that let rip. Rodgers suddenly no longer looked robotic holding the ball by his earhole like some glitch in a video game. The brilliant arm angles and off-balance throws started to appear while keeping his arm talent – efficiency. A star was born.

While it sucks that McCarthy never got the most out of Rodgers, we always recognized how special the former Cal quarterback was over the years. There’s about one quarterback on the planet that could have chucked his head coach the middle finger while making plays up on the fly and still being able to make the playoffs.

While Rodgers is still here and playing at the highest level, let’s take a moment to appreciate his greatness. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

Three Ninteeeeeeen, Three Nineteen, set, hut.. hut. Did you jump offsides? There’s never been a quarterback better at drawing the defense off. Kinda like what he did to the rest of the public and his own team who thought he was washed. Bury Rodgers at your own accord. Until the eye of the tiger disappears, Aaron Rodgers is still the baddest man on the planet.


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