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2020 Reeses Senior Bowl

(Vasha Hunt/USA TODAY Sports)

2020 Reeses Senior Bowl Day 1 Practice Notes

2020 Reeses Senior Bowl
Marlon Davidson stood out at the first day of the 2020 Reeses Senior Bowl. Check out the rest of the first day of practice notes and observations. (Vasha Hunt/USA TODAY Sports)

2020 Reeses Senior Bowl Day 1 Practice Notes

The 2020 Reeses Senior Bowl is finally here. The Senior Bowl is one of my favorite days of the year. As a draft junkie, the 3 days of practice and game is vital for scouting the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. It’s always been a huge barometer. The best collegiate seniors from across the country compete to raise their draft stock. Let’s take a look at who stood out from the first day.

Side note: Fuck, Jim Nagy.

Except, I would be saying that if I could watch the first day. Never was a problem with Phil Savage. Asshole Jim Nagy has taken the Senior Bowl practices off NFL Network with the exception of an hour recap show at night. ESPNU will hold practices, but just not the first day. They will air the 2nd and 3rd day of practices. For the first time I can ever remember, I didn’t get to watch the first day practices.

Words can’t describe my hatred for Jim Nagy. That guy SUCKS! What kind of scumbag does this? I don’t know, maybe one that sold his soul to ESPN and then made a fool of himself on TV. That kind of an asshole. I’m just praying the Senior Bowl fires him because this is ridiculous.

Side note: I would have gone to the event but I was dealing with life shit. Next year I’m going to I don’t have to rely on that LOSER, Jim. What was he doing with his time?

HERO! Tell you what, give Nagy the medal of honor. So brave and courageous. You get to be the guy that tells Justin Herbert his teammate is coming to the Senior Bowl (when he should have already been invited). SO Brave. How do you do it? The good news is at least it was on TV so we all could have seen it.

I’m taking this time as a challenge. I consider myself the best scout on the planet. Scouting is a lot like American Idol. It doesn’t take more than 10 seconds to spot talent for me anyway. It doesn’t take long to realize if someone can sing or not. I was reduced to an hour post game show.

The worst part is the post game show consisted of 20 minutes of commercials, 20 minutes of useless interviews where we didn’t see any practice film, and 10 minutes messing around in the studio doing player intros. I had about 10 minutes of total practice film to watch. I’m going to do the best I can. Blame Jim Nagy for being an asshole and taking the event off TV.

Stock Up: Marlon Davidson (Auburn)

Marlon Davidson can ball out. When you watch Auburn, Derrick Brown is the guy who jumps off the screen. That dude is a FREAK. However, the more I watched Auburn, the more I quickly realized that Marlon Davidson is a dude too. I don’t know quite what he is. Davidson played a lot of defensive end for Auburn but plays at the 280 range. He’s probably a guy best playing inside on pass rushing snaps.

Davidson isn’t a natural bendy edge rusher with twitch to him. That’s not who he is. What he does give you is power and an array of moves. He won a lot of the reps (the ones I saw) in multiple ways. Violent hand fighting where his arm length was a problem. I can see him as a nightmare pseudo 3rd down interior pass rusher. I may have been too low on Davidson from getting sucked into Derrick Brown. Davidson is awesome too.

Stock Down: Terence Steele (Texas Tech)

On the flip side, that Texas Tech tackle was awful. Terence Steele can just be crossed right off the list. You can see in that clip that the coach told him not to overset. What did Steele do right after? Yeah… I’ve seen enough. Plus, I’m not drafting a tackle who is 6-foot-5 and under 300 pounds. Especially one that’s getting pushed around. Cross him off your list.

Stock Down: Jabari Zuniga (Florida)

Ok, so after you get to watch Marlon Davidson killing it some more, we see a rep of Jabari Zuniga He’s a player I liked at Florida. The Zuniga and Jonathan Greenard duo racked up a bunch of sacks and both look like a promising edge rusher. However, this was concerning from Zuniga. You can see in the latter half of the clip that he basically got swallowed whole by the tackle. Swallowed whole and lacked any semblance of a plan. Zuniga looked small. Greenard was already higher on my list and after what I saw from Zuniga, that’s not changing.

Stock Up: Javon Kinlaw (South Carolina)

I already knew Javon Kinlaw was a stud. Maybe he’s closer to Derrick Brown than I thought. It took about 2 seconds for Kinlaw to wow me. Nobody is stopping Kinlaw. That man is just a problem. His arms a vicious and you can tell they are LONG. I gotta see more than one rep but I did see this scrolling through Twitter. Pretty much confirmed what I already knew. Kinlaw is terrific. Now we will find out how terrific as the week goes along.

Stock Up: Robert Windsor (Penn State)

Here we go. This is what the Senior Bowl is all about. Finding those guys that don’t have superstar senior years but have talent to play in the NFL. Robert Windsor of Penn State might be it. Having a motor is half the battle. You can see Windsor will give you everything he has on every snap. Doesn’t take much to see that. I liked his explosive first step. We will see if he continues the momentum.

Stock Down: Collin Johnson (Texas)

You can’t make them any slower than Collin Johnson. I get that he’s a big guy but it looks like he runs routes in mud that was already sapped in gorilla glue. This guy can’t move. I couldn’t be more out. I was already down on Johnson give his performance on the season. Now I way out. I could pull a random kid in a school, ask him to run a route, and it would look better than what Johnson brings to the table. In a class full of nasty receivers, watching Collin Johnson play makes me want to vomit.

Stock Up: AJ Green (Oklahoma State)

I like stick corners. Who can mirror receivers? AJ Green of Okie State is up for the challenge. He did a really nice job on CeeDee Lamb during the year and he was STICKY in this route. I’m becoming a fan of him.

Stock Up: Van Jefferson (Florida)

This goes back to the American Idol theory. It doesn’t take long to realize if you can sing or not. It didn’t take long to realize Van Jefferson is EXPLOSIVE. This is some mean route runner. Quick in and out of breaks and creates separation. I was too low on Van Jefferson. We may have something here.

Stock Up: Lamar Jackson (Nebraska)

Michael Pittman JR. was killing guys, until Lamar Jackson matched up on him. He’s the one guy that stopped Pittman and he can fly. I don’t have a decision made yet. What I do know is speed isn’t a problem with Jackson. Good to know somebody at Nebraska can actually play because I didn’t know that was the case.

Stock Down: Essang Bassey (Wake Forest)

Dude didn’t win a rep. It was ugly. I don’t have much else. I don’t think he was within 20 yards of some guys trying to cover. Looks like a D2 player.


*Get ready because more 2020 Reeses Senior Bowl coverage is coming. Wednesday and Thursday practices are on TV.

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