2020 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl
Come get your 2020 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl game notes. Which diamonds in the rough could make an impact in the NFL? (Mark J Terrill/AP)

It’s college All-Star day. After breaking down the East-West game (one article for the East team and one article for the West team) we’re now moving on to the 2020 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Game. This is a game I normally don’t break down. However, this year I’m watching it so I will dive into it. The East-West Game is more prominent but this game can still provide diamonds in the rough. Shaquille Griffin is the most recent example.

If you’re looking for a game that features a ton of NFL players everywhere, that’s not what this is. You’re lucky if you get 5 that make an impact in the league. I’m going to dive into a few players that I like that may have a real chance to stick in the NFL. As the 2020 NFL Draft nears, you never know where you can find the next gem.

Arkansas State

What the hell is going on at Arkansas State? The early part of the 2020 NFL PA Collegiate Bowl was the Arkansas State highlight game. Two receivers stood out in this game. Not a ton of plays but some noteworthy ones. Omar Bayless and Kirk Merritt had one catch each. Both were splash plays. Bayless reeled in a beautiful fade and Merrit reeled in a deep ball in double coverage. Yes, each only had one catch but they sure made the most of it.

Kobe Williams

Who knew Arizona State had corners who call ball out? Williams made plays in the slot and won one on one battles in the red zone. Williams has good length at 6-foot tall. I was impressed. I’m not sure anybody completed a pass when he was in the game. I thought he was the best corner in the game.

Shaun Bradley

Man, I don’t think anybody was more fun to watch than Shaun Bradley. Temple tough? You bet. He sort of looks like a more athletic version of Tyler Matekevich that came out of Temple a few years ago. He was fun to watch in this one. Had some terrific closing speed and really laid the wood.

Brian Herrien

Brian Herrien got real playing time at Georgia. News flash; not an easy thing to do. Herrien has talent. He kept Zamir White and James Cook off the field for most of the year. Again, not an easy thing to do. I’m not sure Herrien has a huge ceiling but there’s something there. Herrien didn’t have the greatest game (13 carries for 44 yards, 1 TD) but he picked up a lot of grinder yards in the middle which is important. I could see him making a roster as a third back that can do everything.

Chauncey Rivers

Chauncey Rivers started out at Georgia and found his way on Last Chance U. Rivers then resurfaced at Mississippi State where he wasn’t bad this past year. Rivers has played in the SEC and been productive. He created some noise in this one picking up a sack. Rivers has enough talent to make it as a 3 technique.