2020 NFL Draft
Jake Fromm is looking a lot closer to a game manager than an elite level franchise quarterback. Check out the rest of the week 12 notes for the 2020 NFL Draft inside the post. (Jeff Sentell/DawgNation)

The 2020 NFL Draft is inching closer and closer. We have to address the obvious. Tua Tagovailoa suffered a serious hip injury. Just a tragic injury to a transformational talent. It looks like the early reports are that Tua will make a full recovery and let’s hope that’s true. This week we have 4 games to cover. Florida at Missouri, Georgia At Auburn, Minnesota At Iowa, and Oklahoma At Baylor. Let’s get right into the games. Who stood out for better or worse as we scout the 2020 NFL Draft?

Florida at Missouri

This game was tough to watch. Inefficient offenses and poor execution. Mizzou can’t move the ball to save their lives. I’ll make this short. For Florida, I love Jonathan Greenard. His first step off the ball is so fast. He’s a factor in both the run and pass game. Greenard notched 2 sacks and FIVE tackles for loss. Greenard is moving into that game wrecker category and is no fluke.

Missouri is so disappointing. Kelly Bryant can’t be taken seriously as a prospect. Larry Roundtree did virtually nothing. In fairness, he only got 7 carries. Albert Okwuegbunam just doesn’t look explosive. He’s supposed to be this mismatch nightmare at the tight end spot. 4 catches for 26 yards and multiple drops isn’t cutting it. I don’t see it. Hey, maybe some of it is Kelly Bryant. God is he awful. Still, Okwuegbunam never blows me away.

Georgia At Auburn

For the love of god, can Jake Fromm just blow me away just one week. Take over the moment once. Go out there and dominate once. It’s getting hard to fall in love with Fromm. Another underwhelming week. 13/28 for 110 yards and 3 touchdowns. That’s not good enough. Yes, he cashed in on 3 scores but averaged 3.9 yards a pass. That’s not getting it done at the next level. There are too many game manager qualities for Fromm to be taken seriously as a first round prospect. Now later in the draft, I’m all for trying to develop him. Game changing talent? I’m not seeing it.

Good showing by D’Andre Swift to rack up over 100 yards with 6.3 yard per carry clip on a tough Auburn front 7. Georgia has so many dudes. It might be the most talented team in the country. Maybe they don’t have a star on defense but it’s NFL guys everywhere.

As for Auburn, two things stood out. Derrick Brown is such a freak. He just amazes me every time I see him. The other is Marlon Davidson. I think he’s better than I thought he was.

Quick notes. I’m running out of words to use for Derrick Brown. Watch him just move Solomon Kindley right out of the way. That’s a first round guard and he just bullies him with one arm. Holy hell.

Then let’s get to Davidson. I haven’t seen Andrew Thomas get beat all year. He’s a lot more athletic and dynamic than I gave him credit for. You do this to Andrew Thomas and you have my attention. I thought this was the Derrick Brown show. Davidson can really play too.

Minnesota At Iowa

This just felt like a classic let down spot. Not a ton of superstar NFL guys on the field. AJ Epenesa came to play today. 2.5 sacks and was getting after Tanner Morgan all night. He lived up to the hype today. You could clearly see he was the best player on the field and his impact was undeniable. I’m back in on this one.

Oklahoma At Baylor

This was the Baylor choke job. The Bears blew a 28-3 lead that went from the Matt Rhule feel good story to they just blew a chance to go to the playoff. Baylor doesn’t have the players to be in this spot anyway. This is a Matt Rhule story. I will say keep an eye on Denzel Mims. There’s some size, speed combo here at receiver. Mims had a big game with 6 catches for 92 yards and 2 touchdowns.

CeeDee Lamb didn’t really play so there goes that. Jalen Hurts can’t be taken seriously as a starter in the NFL. Not a ton here on the OU side. Just a weird game.