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2020 NFL Draft

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2020 NFL Draft Stock Report: Week 8

Jacob Eason
The Washington Huskies may have lost to Oregon, but Jacob Eason outperformed Justin Herbert. How do the two stack up when the 2020 NFL Draft comes around? (Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

The 2020 NFL Draft gets another update as we have Week 8 in the 2019-2020 college football season to cover. Boy, is it getting interesting. This week I have 3 games for you. We have Florida At South Carolina, Oregon At Washington, and Michigan At Penn State. The story of the day was having Wisconsin lose outright to Illinois. Not a bright spot for this former article. Let’s get right after it. Who stood out in Week 8 in regards to the 2020 NFL Draft?

Florida At South Carolina

This game was wet and rainy. Not a ton of high powered passing attacks. I thought Bryan Edwards outperformed CJ Henderson in this one. Henderson is a highly rated corner, but I thought Edwards kicked him ass. Ryan Hilinski didn’t hit his target every time but whenever he was accurate, it felt like Edwards won the battle. It constantly felt like Henderson wasn’t able to beat him at the line of scrimmage. Edwards isn’t a super fast guy either. The South Carolina wide receiver finished the day with 7 catches for 78 yards including this pretty flea flicker. Take the play call out of it. He always finds a way to win these deep balls. I’m in on him.

I didn’t realize this until now but it’s going to be South Carolina heavy. I’m not sure anybody jumped out at me on Florida outside of David Reese. South Carolina has some dudes! Javon Kinlaw led the SEC coming into this game in sacks from the defensive tackle spot. VERY hard to do. Florida doubled him on every snap. He still found a way to make an impact. He’s a gamer. How about this corner, Israel Mukuamu. He had 3 interceptions last week against Georgia. This week he had 2 pass deflections. 6-foot-4, 205, athletic and attacks the ball? WHO ARE YOU!

Last, let me get to Tavien Feaster. He’s finally getting an opportunity after transferring from Clemson. Feaster is coming off a 25 carry, 125 yard performance. I think Feaster could be a change of pace guy. Nice flier in the 7th round or so? Feaster is a small fast back that can wiggle around. Workhorse? Nope. I want to see more work in the passing game. Get him going in some screens. That would increase his value.

Oregon At Washington

I was here for the quarterbacks. There were other good players on the field. Sweet, don’t care. When you get the opportunity to see Justin Herbert and Jacob Eason on the same field, you pounce on it. We got some clarity. Jacob Eason is the better quarterback.

Let’s start with Eason. He’s a little bit of a statue back there, but he has a rocket. He can get the ball out and on time. That’s half the battle. Eason went 23/30 for 289 yards and 3 touchdowns. Eason just makes some throws that take your breath away. He fits the balls into windows you don’t think he can. He had this beautiful deep ball time. Dropped it right in the bucket way down the field.

I was very impressed Eason. He really drives the ball and most of the time, he puts it in a good spot. The arm talent is off the charts. Eason made a fan of me today. I loved what I saw.

Now let’s jump to Justin Herbert. It feels like more and more each week I’m losing faith in him. The 24/38 for 280 yards and 4 touchdowns tells the story but also doesn’t. He missed way more throws than Eason. His feet are a damn mess. Get Herbert off his spot (which doesn’t happen often with this offensive line) and he misses. He kinda looks like a worse version of Josh Allen. Arm talent, athleticism, and pure tools are all there. Being a real quarterback? I don’t want to completely jump off the Herbert train but I’m sure as hell on the ledge.

I’d love to see the actual stats on this but I swear over half Herbert’s yards had to come after the catch. His guys just made plays for him in the short passing game. They run that stupid pistol formation and then one of his guys catches a bubble screen that goes for a big gain. When it was time to make plays down the field, Herbert couldn’t do it. Missed way too many open throws. His feet are a complete shit show. He’s way too high in his delivery. Keep in mind, he also has the best offensive line in the country. He doesn’t get sneezed on the whole game. Again, I’m about one bad game away from jumping off this ship. I’m not there yet, but Eason is the better prospect. Eason had 8 less attempts and still threw for more yards. It would have been more out of wack if the Washington defense did a better job tackling.

Michigan At Penn State

My attention was sort of focused on the baseball game. I won’t go too far in depth here. KJ Hamler just continues to ball out It feels like every week he’s making plays. The game changing kind. Every week he wins on a deep ball. Hamler torched this Michigan secondary. A secondary that isn’t terrible. 6 catches, 108 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Hamler is a baller. Now he’s frail. Only about 170 pounds, but he’s a guy you take a chance on. He’s moving up the board.

Keep an eye on the Michigan tight end too, Nick Eubanks. He finished the game with 47 receiving yards. Not a crazy showing but he has some explosion to him. Feels like a match up problem at the position. He had one play on a little post pattern and he jumped out of the break. I think he get move. Worth keeping an eye on.


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