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2020 Reeses Senior Bowl: North Team Day 2 Notes

2020 Reeses Senior Bowl

(Mike Kittrell/

2020 Reeses Senior Bowl
Watching Shea Patterson makes me want to vomit. All 3 quarterbacks struggled at the 2020 Reeses Senior Bowl. Check out the rest of the North team practices notes from day 2. (Mike Kittrell/

After not having a ton of information to go on for the first day of the 2020 Reeses Senior Bowl, we are a full send for the 2nd day of practices. The Senior Bowl is so important. Deebo Samuel put on a show here last year and stamped himself as a star. I should say you should have seen it. Anyway, the North team took the field today. I don’t want to waste any time because I have a lot of notes to get to. Who stood out for better or worse? Which guys improved their 2020 NFL Draft Stock?

Let me get to my struggles here quick. This is the last time I’m watching this at home. I’ll be flying down to Alabama from here on in. A: The practices aren’t on NFL Network. Thanks, asshole Jim. B: Clippit doesn’t allow me to clip highlights on ESPNU. I’m reserved to using my phone to record the TV like an amateur. I will use the recap show from NFL Network but that’s limited coverage. Bear with me here, I’m doing my best.


This entire quarterback group stinks so far. Jordan Love is the only one with hope and that’s a question mark. I don’t know why Love keeps rolling out of the pocket. It’s like he loves doing it but it often creates a disaster play. Very inconsistent. I want to like Jordan Love so bad but he’s killing me. There was a throw where there wasn’t even a guy in the area. I don’t know how you can say anything positive outside of the fact that you can see he has a big arm. It just looks a log uglier than even when Josh Allen does it.

It wasn’t all bad. When Love is on, he is really on. It just doesn’t happen all the time.

Anthony Gordon got picked. It should have been more than one. Doesn’t look like he belongs. He looks totally lost. Bad arm strength. Just bad all around.

Shea Patterson stinks. There’s nothing he can do down here to change my mind. He had an ugly throw to Michael Pittman on a deep route that was totally underthrown. Then on a deep ball, Quartney Davis had a step and he threw the ball completely out of bounds. He makes me sick just watching him. Also, has an awful windup. Very long release that doesn’t work.

Overall, this entire group was ass. It wasn’t fair to the wide outs.

Running Backs:

JaMychal Hasty isn’t agile enough. He’s that back that runs into the line of scrimmage, tries to pick up some dirty yeards, but it ends up being a 2 yard gain. There’s no second pitch or ability to make anybody miss. I’m not seeing it here with him.

Wide Receivers:

KJ Hill has speed not sure what else yet. The Ohio State guys put my brain into a pretzel. He smoked guys but nobody could get him the ball.

Michael Pittman Jr is physically strong but I’m not sure he’s a great route runner. He can win deep but I don’t know about intermediate. Josh Metellus is a clunky defensive back who is probably more of a safety. He didn’t really separate against him which was a red flag. His dad was an NFL running back and you can kind of see that in his game.

Chase Claypool is interesting. He’s close to a tight end. Claypool is a big body guy that just finds a way to get open. Inside, outside, it doesn’t matter. He made a really nice diving grab away from where he was running. Sort of reminds me of a poor mans Larry Fitzgerald. Probably very poor mans but that’s the kind of style he reminds me of.

Antonio Gandy-Golden looks like he has plus speed. He did suffer a really bad drop.

Denzel Mims had a nice catch high pointing the ball. He’s really physical and wins with his hands. Might get called for a few offensive pass interference calls.

Tight Ends:

Offensive Line:

Josh Jones good length. Stonewalled the Syracuse guy. I thought he had the best day from the tackles from what I saw. In terms of pass protection, Jones was fantastic.

Jonah Jackson and Ben Bredeson had good days too. I want to see Matt Hennessey take a step forward tomorrow. Seemed like an up and down day. Got hit with the spin cheese but overall was good.

Defensive Line:

Josh Uche good bender. He may be a bit underrated. He may be more of a linebacker hybrid guy but he can rush the passer.

McTelvin Agim continues to push the pocket. Nothing has really changed from what we saw at the East-West Game.

Jason Strowbridge can move. It’s more pure speed than short area quickness. He swatted two passes down in the team drill. He doesn’t look like a defensive tackle. Almost like an edge rusher going down a bowling ally knocking shit over. It was fun and weird to watch. He won’t be a run down defensive tackle but he has tools and instincts.



Josh Metellus did a really nice job in single coverage. I wasn’t sure if he was going to stick as a corner. Looked like more of a safety at Michigan but I thought he did really well.

Troy Pride had some stingy coverage. In a route against Michael Pittman in the team drill, Pride battles in press and almost comes away with a pick. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him. Strong hands and doesn’t lose strength to a powerful Pittman.

Brian Kelly said something interesting in the NFL Network show. He basically said we don’t recruit corners anymore. We recruit wide receivers who don’t know they’re corners. I love that. Guys that know how to play the ball. Pride knows how to do that.

Essang Bassey is the worst player on the field. Literally. He got cooked real bad by the Liberty Wide Receiver. Below is an example of Wake Forest on every snap. Not a joke.


Keep an eye on the Notre Dame safeties. Both Jalen Elliott and Alohi Gilman looked good. Gilman is more of a box safety and was sort of grabby in coverage but that’s fine.


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