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Year 4 Vendetta State Of The Union

State Of The Union
Year 4 Vendetta State Of The Union. I am more than my thoughts… But God Damn my thoughts are valid because I am smart.

Year 4 Vendetta State Of The Union

I am more than my thoughts. I am a living, breathing thing. My thoughts could be correct. My thoughts could be incorrect. But my thoughts are valid because I am smart.

I’ve been saying those words a lot to myself recently. I’ve discovered a lot about myself over the last year. 2021 may not have been the year of Trey but I now know more than ever what a potential year of Trey looks like. I have a plan. The voice in my head likes my plan. I like the visions I can see of said plan.

More than ever, my brain is constantly unlocking new doors in my mind. You quickly realize how smart you are when it’s apparent that other people are incapable of things I find so easy. They don’t have a voice in their head or are incapable of seeing visions. That’s just the start, frankly.

I’ve realized how stupid our society is. We’re only as strong as our weakest link. We only have speed limits on roads because of the people who are too stupid to drive without them. I’ve realized people get sad and don’t even realize why they’re sad. I’ve realized you have to have a certain level of intelligence to be mentally insane, in the first place.

People make rules and decisions out of fear and confusion. Not out of logic and reason. Mostly because people are too stupid to understand the way that they feel. The coronavirus protocols have all been put in place because of fear and confusion. Not because of logic. But that’s a story we don’t need to go down because the obvious answer is to take the Ivan Drago approach with this whole thing (if you know, you know). Unfortunately, we pay the consequence on a lot of things because of the weakest links.

We live in a society where social media is a really important element of life. A false construct that pressures one to live a false lifestyle then creates a cult following based on false pretenses. Humans probably should journal to free their thoughts but social media really only encourages you to seek attention for said thoughts that may or may not be true.

Social media has also created a society that gives said attention to the dumbest people who do this for the sole purpose of seeking attention because they’re not smart enough to validate their thoughts on their own. Instead of ignoring dumb people, the vast majority of people do not realize that giving dumb people attention even in a negative way does the opposite of their intended actions.

Then I remembered why I’m doing what I’m doing. Vendetta Sports Media was created as a fuck you to the sports industry. If you understand the fact that humans evolve slowly over time, you realize that maybe putting people on National Spotlights for journaling attention seeking thoughts based false constructs probably isn’t the way humans will evolve over time. It’s why ESPN is dying. It’s just taking longer than it should because humans aren’t smart enough yet.

Maybe my thoughts are correct and maybe they’re not. But my thoughts are valid because I’m really fucking good at this shit. I’m pretty good at a lot of things when I put my mind to them. I’m on the verge of going undefeated in a fantasy hockey league after watching hockey for ONE year. I told you Deebo Samuel was a rockstar. I told you Mitch Trubisky was going to suck ass. On the rare occasion, I’m wrong, I stay up all fucking night not being able to sleep so I never make that same mistake again.

I created a company that is a living, breathing thing. I have not done a single thing for this company since December 8th. A year ago, this company would have crashed if I didn’t do anything for it in a month. Now? I’ve essentially created an 8-year-old child. I left the child in the house by himself for a month and he or she fucking survived. Maybe not well but this company lived and functioned without me for a sustained period of time. I’m not sure a full grown adult dog could do that.

Do you know how hard that is? Do you know the percentage of people that can say that? I have a net worth… I’m so fucking cool, man. I don’t always feel cool. Most days that I wake up I feel pissed to have woken up. Mostly because the voice in me tells me I’m capable of so much more than I’m achieving right now. I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to and I know most people aren’t capable of doing so. That’s a scary thought to truly be able to do that. Dude… I’m so cool. Kirk Cousins could never command respect like I do.

I’m obsessed with becoming a better version of myself and I’m not close to peak Trey yet. I have come a long way in certain aspects. I look REALLY fucking good without my shirt on. I spend a lot time at the gym. Not because I want to. But because I feel like I have to in order to look like the best version of myself. I’m a better person than I used to be. I also have a plan and I’m REALLY good at making plans. Sometimes my plans work and sometimes they don’t… But often times if I lose the other person lost an eyeball or two in the process.

I’m learning a lot about myself over this past year. I believe I have natural-born leadership qualities. I’ve created something to where 50 people follow me because they believe in me. Not because it’s for current financial gain. That’s such a powerful thing. I believe people would be following me regardless of what I was actually doing.

Sometimes I even believe I lived past lives. Not because I actually remember flashbacks but because my current memory is so powerful that it has made me question if I was important in the past. Maybe I was the leader in the Crusades Wars. Who the fuck knows.

Leaders share their feelings. Cowards hide them.

The only thing I do know is I remember is my middle brother attacking my dad with a pool stick. I remember dancing to Michael Jackson Thriller. I remember getting in trouble as a kid. Having my dad ask me what my favorite toy was. Then purposely handing him my least favorite toy watching him rip the thing in half while pretending to be upset while grinning inside that I just fooled a grown adult as a 5-year-old.

I am more than my thoughts. I am a living, breathing thing. My thoughts could be correct. My thoughts could be incorrect. But my thoughts are valid because I am smart.

I feel so lucky at times and so cursed other times. Most days I wake up, I’m not happy. I’m always so angry. I still want to rip my Kindergarten teacher’s throat out for screwing up my birthday. I still think about the kids in Elementary School that tried to pick on me. I still think about my college wrestling coach who is responsible for causing more back injuries than I otherwise would have had. May his soul rest in hell or whatever place that exists that could possibly be worse.

A lot of people tell me that it’s unhealthy to hold onto grudges. When I get rejected for things, I don’t feel good enough. Without those grudges I would weigh 100 pounds, this company wouldn’t exist, and I’d probably be stuck in some bullshit routine that doesn’t require any level of thought. Because those same people that give me that bullshit advice are those same people. That feeling of not being good enough and holding onto those grudges creates a fire and determination level that you can’t understand. Because any other way to go about life would be underachieving according to the voice in my head.

This company is called Vendetta for so many reasons. I have a Vendetta against the whole fucking world. Maybe not everyone should have that mindset but I know so many people are going to be proud of me one day. Having that mindset will be a big reason why.

Maybe I’ll never find true happiness but I feel like I have so many responsibilities in life. One example is being responsible for shaping the minds of so many young people. Many of which will go on to become successful. That alone makes me feel successful in a way. It’s still not quite good enough for me. Instead, I wake up every day telling myself I’m alive. It’s another day to remind every motherfucker out there who’s running things. I am, bitch.

I’ve realized that our job as humans is to chase what makes us happy. For a long time, I never knew what that looked like. Probably because there’s a lot of poison in my mind. Poison that I’ve learned that I’m blessed to have in a weird way. I know exactly what that means for me moving forward and I’m leaving so many things out but I’ll keep some of those things to myself. Now is the time to go and execute.

I am more than my thoughts. I am a living, breathing thing. My thoughts could be correct. My thoughts could be incorrect. But my thoughts are valid because I am smart.

Internal & External Statements

The company will be moving to Las Vegas. That has been made semi-obvious by now since the end of October. I believe it’s the right course of action for myself and Vendetta for a number of different reasons. The timeline for the move should be completed by no later than the Spring.

That’s all that really needs to be said on that matter. The actions once I’m established there will be what really matters. Every other statement that maybe needs to be said feels small in comparison. Everything will fall into place here soon.

It’s weird because, in a sense, I’ve created an 8-year-old child. On the surface, that child doesn’t make a ton of impact but it’s come a long way. The next step in the maturation process is to mature and holy fuck, a storm is coming. A lot of people just don’t know it’s coming yet.


We have to continue to find the most talented people in this industry. There are so many hidden gems out there that just need an opportunity. I’m probably too nice in the aspect of giving people chances that don’t deserve. Mostly because I know there are talented people out there that nobody else is giving chances to.

We need to find talented people in all aspects of media. Editors, writers, non-sports writers, audio engineers, sales people, podcast hosts, guest bookers, etc. I want to build a team of hungry fucking dogs that eat, shit, and sleep this stuff. Truth be told, I’m not sure we have that many talented people.

The non-sports topics need to continue to be a priority.

That’s Some Cheese took a major step forward this past year. It’s still a nothing in terms of the large scale viewership for podcasts but it feels like the momentum is starting to really build. Once the move is made, Cheese will focus on improving the appearance of the show. Getting myself a camera, green screen, the whole nine.

The social media needs to continue to be a focus. We haven’t scratched the surface on what we can do in that area. Which is scary given the success of the company having almost no social media footing.

Our YouTube page will continue to be a point of emphasis. Something I’ll probably do shifting more blog time to videos. The video page goes beyond YouTube. The Twitch Channel is something that needs to be running 24-7. We need a team of dedicated gamers. We need another team dedicated to editing and promoting that content. YouTube Shorts and Tik Tok will start to be done correctly.

The podcasts still need some work. I believe we either need to add more shows and or create a better production of the current shows we have. Everyone needs to be better and it goes beyond just having a producer which was the goal a year ago. We need to do better.

There will be a point of emphasis to turn the Big Unc brand into a real brand.

While it hasn’t been significant, we have made some headway in the advertising space. Price goes up every day literally and figuratively. Getting my feet wet in Vegas I believe will lend a significant hand in making more progress in this area. Building more partnerships will obviously always be a goal now and in the future.

Leadership Agendas

You know, it’s funny. If you look at my State of the Union from a year ago, I set out and achieved most of what I wanted to accomplish. We’re still very much on the timeline for the original plan I had in my mind four years ago. This isn’t something I necessarily learned, but it’s something I won’t apologize for. I will lead this company one way and one way only. I am a better leader than you and I won’t apologize for doing this the way I know what needs to be done.

The funniest part is we have had a lot of people leave this place. All for different reasons. However, the ones that have tried to replicate my leadership qualities are never able to do so. It always gives me a good chuckle.

I used to spend hours upon hours a day just responding to people on Slack. We have a team full of adults now and you bet your ass I’m taking credit for that shit.

Psycho Trey is coming back and I’ve realized that it would be a disservice to everyone else to be any other version of myself. Who the fuck am I to be a lesser version of myself because it’s easier for everyone else. Fuck that.

Closing Remarks

Use your resources.

Settle for nothing less than what you want and become good enough for those things you want.

I am more than my thoughts. I am a living, breathing thing. My thoughts could be correct. My thoughts could be incorrect. But my thoughts are valid because I am smart.

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