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Deebo Samuel Is The Best Receiver In The 2019 NFL Draft

Deebo Samuel
Deebo Samuel is the best wide receiver in the 2019 NFL Draft and it’s not close. What makes Samuel the best receiver in the class? (Scott Donaldson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

You could make the argument that wide receivers are the hardest position to draft. Even Bill Belichick misses just about every single time he tries to draft one. Aaron Dobson, Josh Boyce, Malcolm Mitchell, Taylor Price, Brandon Tate, and Chad Jackson. They all suck. I mean flat out suck. Belichick has missed so often on receivers that he frankly stopped drafting them.

In the 2019 NFL Draft, finding a receiver may not be as hard as you may think. It’s because there’s a very clear answer. Deebo Samuel is the best receiver in the 2019 NFL Draft. Let me show you why.

Route running is the lifeblood of any receiver. Find a way to get open. Deebo can do that in his sleep. Samuel doesn’t create just some separation. He gets miles away from defenders. Samuel isn’t the fastest guy in the world. He isn’t the quickest guy in the world. However, his suddenness and ability to set defenders up is special. Check out some of his highlights at the Senior Bowl. He cooked DB’s all week. This is rare.

Samuel never panics. He reads the defender, makes the adjustment, and just gets open. That happens on every snap.

Getting open is one thing. Adding yards after the catch is another. That’s what makes Samuel so much better than any other receiver in this draft class. Samuel averaged 16.7 yards per catch as a Junior and 14.2 yards per catch as a Senior. A lot of those yards came after the catch. Let me show you a couple of examples.

Samuel catches the ball on this slant route. A: the route is so crisp. There’s no hesitation in the slant. It’s almost like he ran the route without having to run the route if that makes sense. He catches the ball and BOOM… LATER… A defensive back tries to tackle him, no f*cking chance.

I mean this is insane. This is a bad weather game against Clemson. We’re talking about the Clemson defense. Not some schmucks from South-West Panara Bread University. They couldn’t tackle him all day. He’s still running. By the way, Samuel went for 10 catches, 210 yards, and 3 touchdowns against Clemson.

Sometimes the NFL Draft Experts are just wrong. I’m going to pull up the scouting report from Lance Zierlein. It’s such a joke. I get that Zierlein has to write 800 of these so he’s just making half the information up just to get them done but this one is just way off.

Deebo is also a premier return man and can even play running back if you need him to. Samuel has 4 kick off return touchdowns and 8 punt return touchdowns during his career at South Carolina. He also has 7 rushing touchdowns in 25 attempts. Just get the ball in his hands and good things happen. Those guys do not fail. Just don’t fail.

This guy Lance Zierlein needs to get his head checked. I’m calling him out for a shitty scouting report. Here are 2 of his negatives on Deebo. All of them can be proven wrong with video evidence. I don’t see any video evidence in his reports because he makes everything up. Again, don’t blame him. He has to write 800 of them.

“Needs to add some finesse with route-work”

“Average burst to separate out of breaks and turns”

Samuel has 4.48 speed. He has a thick frame and can break tackles. He jumped 39 inches in the vertical. He has excellent route running skills. He breaks tackles. Deebo creates yards after the catch. At some point, stop yourself and think. How is he not the best wide receiver in the Draft? I don’t know how you can watch those clips and not consider him the best receiver in the draft. This one isn’t hard to figure out. If you pass on Deebo Samuel, you will regret it.

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