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Daniel Jeremiah
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Will Daniel Jeremiah Take My Bet?

Daniel Jeremiah
Daniel Jeremiah put out his latest 2022 NFL Mock Draft that needs to be thrown in the trash. Will Jeremiah take my bet based on his last mock draft? (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Will Daniel Jeremiah Take My Bet?

I hate mock drafts. I understand why people do them because they’re a click machine. Everybody wants to read your mock draft even if it’s not very good. Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network has officially entered the chat.

I don’t love Daniel Jeremiah. He’s fine but NFL Network coverage on the draft has taken a massive step back since Mike Mayock left. Which is saying something if we factor in how big of a dope Mayock looks for his personnel decisions with the Raiders.

I have a bet for Jeremiah. I hope he takes the bet. Unlike those cowards at PFF who thought D’Eriq King was going in the first round (not a joke and I have not forgotten).

Jeremiah just put out his second 2022 NFL Mock Draft (why we need two mocks prior to the combine is outrageous, but whatever). I threw up a little in my mouth while reading it. I understand the fact that the 2022 NFL Draft appears to be an unorthodox one on paper, but there is no excuse for this pile of trash.

My man Jeremiah has Derek Stingley going 14th overall to the Baltimore Ravens. I don’t even want to waste any more time because it’s blasphemous. Jeremiah has Stingley as the third cornerback off the board behind Sauce Gardner (who admittedly is talented) and Trent McDuffie (stop it).

Here is the bet. I bet Stingley goes before the 14th pick in the draft (baring another injury that hasn’t occurred yet such as a torn ACL in training) and he turns out to be a significantly better pro than your boy McDuffie. If I win the bet, you go on National TV and call me your daddy. If you win, I’ll do the same on my network except I’ll add in a Ken Giles while punching myself in the face to even out the fact that you have a bigger following. Both things need to happen or not happen for either person to cash in on the bet.

I can’t believe Jeremiah is serious with this McDuffie cheese. To Jeremiah’s credit, he does have Stingley rated higher than McDuffie, but only by one spot (which is a downright joke).

Here is the deal. Derek Stingley is a god damn stud. If anyone watched him for more than two seconds during his freshman year at LSU, they would know that. I don’t need any more information. Just like there wasn’t a need for more information last year on Micah Parsons and Ja’Marr Chase.

Jeremiah probably won’t take my bet. He will do what all these draft analysts do. Cower in fear hoping that nobody else notices that I’m way better than everyone else at this NFL Draft thing. I’ll be waiting for a response. I advise you don’t take the bet but I hope you put your money where your mouth is.

PS: Trevor Penning? Jeremiah Johnson? Drake London? C’mon guy. There’s just no chance you believe any of those guys are better NFL pros than Stingley. You can’t be that brain dead.

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