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What Are Woody Johnson & Robert Saleh Arguing About?

Woody Johnson Robert Saleh
What are Woody Johnson and Robert Saleh arguing about? Context clues would lead you to believe this is how the argument got started. (Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)

What Are Woody Johnson & Robert Saleh Arguing About?

There was a report that Woody Johnson and Robert Saleh got into a heated argument. I just think I have an idea about what it was about. We’re going to use our context clues for this one and walk this through step by step.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Colleen Wolfe puts this report out. Apparently, this argument happened on Monday.

But what could the argument possibly be about? Wolfe even joked that “Maybe they were disagreeing on how they like their steak cooked,” Wolfe said. “Doubt that though.”.

I don’t have any insider information but I do know one thing. Saleh coached defensive linemen when he first got his coaching start at Michigan State and Central Michigan. That’s his go-to specialty. What I do know is that he probably wasn’t thrilled that he watched Bryce Huff leave for the Eagles.

So how were the Jets going to replace Huff? It was widely reported that the Jets wanted Jadeveon Clowney. Which makes sense given that Joe Douglas’ entire offseason was bringing in old Ravens (John Simpson, Morgan Moses, Chuck Clark). Douglas also comes from the Ravens front office and has an affinity for their players.

Clowney signed with the Panthers on Wednesday. My guess is Saleh demanded Woody to up the bid for Clowney to make sure they didn’t lose him. Something Saleh probably knew that was going to happen if ownership didn’t green-light a higher bid for him.

One day after Clowney signed, Colleen Wolfe apologized for doing her job and Woody said this on Twitter.

Just hilarious. NFL Network is owned by the rest of the owners. Things like this don’t normally get out for that reason. Wolfe literally had to apologize for doing her job. If you watch the NFL Draft coverage the Network puts together, it’s repulsive and uninformative on every level. The owners want it that way.

I know what you’re thinking already. Isn’t Douglas the one responsible for signing players? To some degree, that’s very true but it’s plainly obvious that Woody is involved. I know he’s involved and he’s doing a bad job at hiding it if he wants to pretend otherwise.

This is what Woody said about Zach Wilson.

“If we don’t trade him, we’re going to keep him,” Johnson said, via ESPN.

“I feel badly about Zach in some ways because last year it would’ve been a great — it would’ve been the first time he could just sit back and watch a master at work, and he’s never had that,” Johnson said. “He’s been in the fire from Day 1, and I think that’s what he needs. He needs to be in a place where he can observe for a while. He’s got the skill. He can do everything. There’s a reason we drafted him No. 2 overall, and I have confidence that he’ll get there at some point.”

The Jets gave Wilson permission in February to seek a trade. Nobody wanted him. Nobody wants him. Douglas and Saleh don’t want him in the building either. He’s still on the team because Woody said so. When people tell you who they are, believe them. The Jets owner is telling you everything you need to know. It’s right there in front of you. Woody is very involved and the proof is in the pudding.

I have no inside information on this. Context clues would just lead you to believe that Saleh really wanted Clowney and ownership wouldn’t step up in order to close the deal. Saleh wouldn’t get this mad about losing out on a wide receiver in free agency. He cares about the defensive line. It’s who he is.

You can choose to believe me or not. I don’t really care. Your alternative is believing uneducated clown Colin Cowherd’s story about Aaron Rodgers being the root of the problems in a theory that makes literally zero sense.

Earth to Cowherd. Rodgers doesn’t care who the backup is. He wants to play and prove he still has it. I understand Cowherd wants to blow him and can’t go two shows without talking about him. Rodgers has done nothing except get every request he makes (Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, Bill Turner, Mercedes Lewis). They may as well name him the president of the team based on the way the organization has acted.

The idea that Rodgers is pushing some backup QB theory makes zero sense but you can choose to believe this D-Bag Cowherd if you want to. That part is up to you the reader.

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