Amanda Cerny
Amanda Cerny. Photo Credit DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS

Alrighty then internet, this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is probably best known for her work on Vine (lol y’all remember Vine, right). At least, if you’re like me that’s where you remember her best. For those kids born after 2000 Vine is kinda like Tik Tok but with less music. A big round of applause for Amanda Cerny.

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Contenting like it’s 2009 ?

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Story Time…

So here it is, I think Amanda looks redonkulous. And I actually had the idea for her to be WCW a couple weeks ago as her birthday was on June 26th (it’s not weird I know that I follow her on the gram).

However, I had a couple better ideas (Arianny Celeste and Paige VanZant) and Cerny got the shelf.

So this week I’m doing my research for the WCW and I circle back around to Amanda. NBD right? Then, BOOM! The internet drops a major bombshell. Apparently Amanda was the October 2011 Playboy Playmate of the month.

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My Casual wear in Florida ??what’s yours ?

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Now I’m kinda all like, “no fucking way that’s true.” After all, the site I’m on isn’t a reputable and scholarly source like Wikipedia (Cerny doesn’t have a wiki page, which I find criminal). And I have never heard this before so it HAD to be bullshit.

So I started to dig. And after about nine minutes and twenty-seven seconds of…ahem…research (not gonna spell this one out; you either get it or you don’t), totally true she was a Playboy model.

In Conclusion…

So Playboy model is the best I can do. I was gonna mix my usual brand of self-deprecating humor with Cerny being popular on Vine and Instagram and being an “actress”, but I’m pretty sure Playboy model is the best ammo I got.

And don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not disparaging Cerny or throwing it in anyone’s face she was a Playmate. It’s her body she can do what she wants with it. I genuinely just think it’s cool. Matter of fact if I didn’t get fat after high school I totally would be a stripper.

Anywhoozer, I’m spent. Hit me on twitter (@lilfooted) let me know what you think about Amanda Cerny. Did y’all know she was a Playboy model? Am I late to this party? Got any suggestions for the next WCW? But remember, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK JABRONI!


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