Lane Johnson Jason Peters
Lane Johnson is happy that Jason Peters is back with the Eagles. Can Peters successfully fill the void Brandon Brooks left behind? (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

I don’t always like to pat myself on the back but I deserve to do so in this instance. Did anyone call Jason Peters going back to the Eagles to play guard before I did? Anyway, Peters signed a one-year deal with Philadelphia but this time to play right guard. Brandon Brooks was lost for the season so Peters has been brought back to fill that role. Lane Johnson is very happy that Jason Peters is back with the Eagles.

“You can’t really replace a Brandon Brooks, who’s the best guard in the league, but this has been in the works I guess for a few weeks,” Johnson said, via “Finally working out the details and got the big man back and I’m excited, man. I’m excited to have him next to me, a guy that I’ve looked up to and has really been my mentor ever since coming into the league, so it’s huge for us.”

The plan is for 2019 first round pick Andre Dillard to assume left tackle duties in 2020. Dillard was very up and down as a rookie (mostly down) but there’s hope he can excel heading into year two. Peters will replace Brooks and play a position he’s not accustomed to. Of course, Peters was a stalwart for that left tackle spot for the Eagles for many years.

More so than anything, Lane Johnson is probably happy that he gets to play next to Jason Peters. Matt Pryor or rookie Jack Driscoll otherwise would have been the plug and play starter. Peters was the only player out there who could have filled the void that Brandon Brooks left behind.

Peters, 38, also told reporters that 2020 probably won’t be his last year either.

“I told ’em I wanted to play another year. I still can get it done,” Peters told reporters in January. “If I couldn’t get it done, I’d just walk away, but I can still go. I want to be here … but the nature of this business, sometimes they move on. We’ll have to see.”