Arianny Celeste
UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste. Photo Credit David Crotty/ Getty Images

Idk fellas, this one here might just be my swan song. I feel like I really outdid my self this week. It’s just hard to imagine Woman Crush Wednesday having a peak after Arianny Celeste.

Celeste has been killing it since 2006 as a ring girl for the UFC (and she’s like a model too, or whatever, I don’t fucking know). Like seriously, she’s the reason I got into UFC as a sport.

Watching guys beat the ever-loving shit is out of each other is cool and all, but I come for Arianny (see what I did there).

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There was a solid amount of time between 2007 and 2011 when she was the hottest woman on the planet. Hands down. No arguments. She was by a mile, queen En Fuego.

Even now, she makes a solid argument for the number one spot. She doesn’t have a choke hold on the top spot she used to (DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE), but she is in the mix.

Again, I don’t know how I can get better from here. This has to be the peak. But I’ll soldier on.

Let me hear it. Tell me what you think about Arianny as this week’s WCW. Get in my mentions (@lilfooted). If you doubt Arianny’s credentials or have suggestions for future WCWs let me know. Keep in mind though, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK JABRONI (unless you have a bomb ass WCW suggestion then you might be cool).