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Fantasy Football


Football is just days away. After an always long offseason fans once again get to see their favorite teams break their heart. But outside of that is the return of Fantasy Football, something I know is sacred to many of us. This year once again Vendetta has rounded up eight members to assemble the greatest league of all time.

The draft has come and gone (check that out here), and now I’m here to rank every team in a way that will surely make everybody happy. But before all that, let’s quickly go through the rules/league settings.

  • Eight-man league
  • Non-PPR
  • Auction draft with a $250 budget
  • Superflex lineup with a 20-man roster (No defenses)
  • Best Ball
  • You can drop players but they count against your cap unless they are on IR when you drop them.
  • Touchdown Premium
  • No negative points for turnovers

No. 1: James Herrick

In our top spot is none other than James Herrick. Overall, James just has the most complete team in the league. The QB room is filled with talent that’s headed by Justin Herbert. Garrett Wilson, Amon-Ra-St. Brown and Stefon Diggs form a three-headed monster at receiver and should give James some elite production.

While James didn’t spend big on running backs. He got great value with guys like Aaron Jones, Joe Mixon, and Jahmyr Gibbs. Also including David Montgomery and Miles Sanders to better cater to the non-PPR format. Overall a great team James put together with no real glaring weaknesses.

No. 2: Trey Daubert

I’m sure Trey is already screenshotting this to throw in my face if he ends up winning the league. Honestly wouldn’t expect anything else. But just because he isn’t in the one spot doesn’t mean I don’t think he can still win this league. In fact, he still has a pretty damn good shot. Josh Allen will ensure that Trey won’t have to worry about QB, barring any injury.

But his QBs aren’t even the strength of his team. Christian McCaffrey will serve as his bell cow but he has insurance in place should he get hurt. Tony Pollard, Rhomandre Stevenson and Breece Hall should all ensure that Trey never duds at that position. I also love the value he got with James Cook and expect a big year from him. His receivers might be even better, Trey didn’t bring in too many but the few he did (think A.J. Brown, CeeDee Lamb) are sure to produce big for him. The tight end position has the chance to be great for Trey but as of now is certainly his team’s biggest weakness.

No. 3: Chad Bauman

Ah, the other Eagles fan here at Vendetta. But you totally wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at Chad’s team. But all jokes aside Chad has built a really nice team that emphasized greatly receivers. The list of guys he has is endless but is topped by guys like Jaylen Waddle, Tee Higgins and Deebo Samuel to just name a few.

His lack of depth at running back is what sees him fall to three. Saquon Barkley will be great but the drop-off from there is pretty significant and holds his team back just a little. Travis Etienne could be really solid but I worry about Tank Bigsby stealing his touchdowns. But with how many receivers he has with his solid tight end core, the lack of running back depth shouldn’t hurt Chad too much.

No. 4: Griffin Crest

The one thing Griffin has going for him is that he probably has the best running back room in the league. Austin Ekeler, Nick Chubb, and Bijan Robinson should put in some deadly work for Griffin in a standard scoring format. The issue I have with Griffin’s team is that his investment in these elite running backs left him a little thin at other positions. The QB room is a little thin and, outside of Justin Jefferson, the receiving core has a lot of question marks. But if some of those question marks can be answered, Griffin could be looking at a league-winning team.

No. 5: Jackson Law

Just past the halfway point at five, I have Jackson Law. Jackson has aspects to his team that I love but is lacking in other areas that I’m not sure can be made up for. Lamar Jackson and Tua Tagovalioa should hold it down at QB for Jackson and make up a very solid room. Jackson went big on Ja’Marr Chase and Tyreek Hill to form a deadly duo at receiver. My issue is with the rest, he doesn’t to me have a true RB1 with Alexander Mattison currently his best bet, or the depth that could luck him out with the best ball format. Cole Kmet and George Kittle also help further bolster an already strong receiving core.

No. 6: Jack Sabin

Alas, we made it to my fantasy football team. I’ll start by acknowledging it’s difficult to rate your own team but I promise to be as objective as possible. In all honesty, I felt pretty confident about my team right after the draft, then I started to look at some of the other teams, and that’s when my confidence first started to waiver. Off the bat, the stack of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce should work wonders, assuming Kelce’s injury doesn’t end up being too serious–especially in a touchdown premium like this one.

I like Derrick Henry in the non-PPR format and felt good securing Najee Harris, and his handcuff Jaylen Warren for such a low price. I also found some decent value at RB late and overall am happy with that position and expect good production. But the receivers are where the weaknesses start to show. Chris Olave will do his thing and produce but after him, it’s a lot of wishes and prayers. Now Travis Kelce is a defacto receiver so that helps a little bit, but I also came to the realization that I didn’t draft a backup tight end. Which could be a problem if this Kelce injury lingers.

No. 7: Garrett Burroughs

The strength right away for Garrett’s team is his QBs. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields should give Garrett elite production on a weekly basis and serve him well. The problem is, I don’t know if the rest of his team has what it takes to carry the rest of the load. His running backs on paper don’t jump out at you but could benefit from the touchdown premium. James Connor is the name that comes to mind from his team. The receiving core is also just lacking the star power other people have at multiple positions, and the depth Garrett has could serve him well for best ball but I just don’t think it will be enough.

No. 8: Chickster

Last but certainly not least, or quiet, is Trey’s personal instigator Chickster. Will Chickster hate me for putting his team last? Maybe, but somebody had to go to the last spot. I just happen to think it’s Chickster. The main issue I have is just the health of his team and guys who simply won’t be playing.

Cooper Kupp will miss Week 1 with a calf injury with the risk of it lingering on over the course of the season. Jonathan Taylor is still at war with the Colts and won’t be playing anytime soon. To top it off, Kyler Murray is still recovering from his torn ACL. This kind of stuff already hurts his team, and if someone like Davante Adams gets hurt, Chickster could find himself in serious trouble.

With that, we have the power rankings for the 2023 Vendetta Fantasy Football season. I’d love to hear what you think down below. Do I have someone too high or way too low? This was a hard list to make seeing as it’s a league filled with smart fantasy football players.

Regardless, Im very excited for the NFL season and to see how this fantasy league ends up going for me. It’s my first time in the Vendetta league and I’m hoping to make a mark early.

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