2020 Article of the Year
Graphic Credits: Karl Heiser

2020 was a big year for Vendetta Sports Media! If you haven’t already, check out our award-winners from this past year. Big things are happening. It’s time to award Vendetta Sports Media’s 2020 Article of the Year.

Site writers who published a piece in 2020 were eligible. Each writer nominated their favorite/best article from their own work over the past year and the other writers voted for the winners. As a testament to the Vendetta community, every single nominated article received at least one vote.

Honorable Mention

Here are the Honorable Mention recipients in alphabetical order.

Chad Bauman – Vendetta WCW; Carole Baskin 4.8.20

The most popular edition of the Vendetta WCW series, Chad makes a case for Carole Baskin.

Alex Chick – Nikola Jokic is the Best Center in the NBA

Alex was on the Jokic hype train before most other people. Read his take on why Nikola Jokic is the best center in the NBA.

Trey Daubert – Jim Nagy Got His Feelings Hurt

Sometimes in this business, you make other people mad. 2020 saw Trey start beefing with Jim Nagy of all people.

Joey Dykes – Trey Lance is Not Ready to be a Starting NFL QB

Trey Lance is thought of as a top-four QB in this draft class. Breaking down his mechanics and competition, Joey makes the case for why Lance may not be worth a high draft pick.

Dacota Haynes – Portland Trail Blazers 2020-2021 Season Preview

It wouldn’t be right if our primary Pacific Northwest correspondent didn’t have his piece about his favorite team make the cut. In his preseason preview of the Portland Trail Blazers, Dacota puts his superfan status to good use.

3rd Place (Tie)

Max Everett – The Future of the DCEU: What’s Confirmed and What Could Be?

This year’s podium recognizes a few pieces that took immense time and effort. Max Everett’s thorough look into the future of the DC Extended Universe is well worth the read for any fan of comic book movies.

Karl Heiser – 2020 NBA Draft: Live First Round Grades and Analysis

In this article, written during Vendetta’ Live NBA Draft coverage, Karl looks into each selection and analyzes the fit for each team.

2nd Place

Jeremy Rinaldi – 2020 NBA Draft Final Big Board: Vendetta Sports Media

In this excellent body of work, Jeremy proves why he’s one of the best young draft analysts out there (yeah, you read that right). His 2020 NBA Draft Big Board provides outstanding coverage on 80 different prospects.

2020 Article of the Year Winner

Jarrod Prosser – Kobe Bryant Had So Much More to Give

2020 was a rough year for innumerable reasons. At the beginning of the year, we lost an NBA legend in Kobe Bryant. Jarrod published a beautifully-written obituary and tribute to the Hall of Fame guard. The great care given to this piece, as well as the nuance in Jarrod’s not being a Kobe fan, makes this Vendetta’s 2020 Article of the Year. Congrats Jarrod!


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