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Vendetta Awards

2020 Vendetta Awards

Vendetta Awards
Here are your winners for the 2020 Vendetta Awards.

2020 Vendetta Awards

2020 couldn’t have sucked more but thankfully it’s coming to an end soon. Let’s remember 2020 by handing out the Vendetta awards for this year. As the head honcho, I will try not to hand any awards to myself unless I have no choice. Here we go, let’s reveal the winners.

Rookie Of The Year: Anthony Fontanello

Anthony epitomized everything we could have hoped for when we started the internship program. Find more maniacs like me that just needed an outlet to express themselves. My paisan friend has the demeanor and the IT for what we’re trying to accomplish.

Anthony wins the award for his creative content, fiery attitude, and Italian accent. It won’t take long until Anthony is a star here at Vendetta. He’s on the right path.

Best Trash Talker: Alex Chick III

I’m not sure if Alex is the best or more efficient trash talker. However, Alex has the volume. A lot of people talk in the Slack chat. If you say something Alex doesn’t like, that man gets in your ass quick. He’s also great at spin zoning things which is admirable.

More importantly, Alex actually documents the things he says. A lot of people give their opinions on things. Alex is one of the few to write about the things he believes in. If you’re not doing that, your opinion doesn’t mean anything. Cheers to my second employee ever.

Best Brain: Emma Brown

I’ll be the first to admit, I like weird brains. I’m looking for characters more than just pure bloggers here. If you have read Emma’s blogs in the past, then you know she has quite the brain. Her blogs always give me a good chuckle which is what I’m looking for here.

Most Delusional Fan: Dacota Haynes

This man legitimately thinks the Blazers are winning the NBA title. He also thinks Portland is trading for Giannis yesterday. Dear Lord, send him the strength he needs when Portland disappoints him for the 893rd time.

Best Fantasy Analyst: Scott Logush

The award probably goes to me in reality. If you go back and rewatch the old fantasy shows, I had the best insight all year. Of course, all of my teams made it to the Finals this year. I just didn’t close the deal in our site league as the number one seed. Hey, it’s fantasy. The best team doesn’t win every year.

In tribute to needing to hand the award to someone, I’m giving it to Scott by virtue of him being by far the worst. Here’s what you need to know about Scott’s fantasy insight. During the Don’t Eat The Cheese segments, Scott advised people not to draft Dalvin Cook and Davante Adams.

Of course, Cook will finish the season as RB2 and Adams as WR 2. It basically doesn’t get worse than that. Cheers to you Scott.

Vendetta Awards

Best Video Series: Jackson Law’s Vendetta University

Jackson’s the GOAT. What can you say? Jackson took the YouTube channel by storm but his Vendetta U series on Max Football garnered a ton of attention. It’s the number one Max Football series on the internet. National Title here we come!

Best Podcast: Tanndemonium Sports Show

Again, this was really a three-horse race, in my opinion. However, I didn’t want to give the award to myself. The Lead Word, That’s Some Cheese, and the Tanndemonium Sports Show are going to be heavyweight staples for years to come.

Bryan Tann and Jackson Law have built impeccable chemistry. Bryan is an emerging superstar without question. Even his ads are interesting. More so than that, I appreciate Bryan for the dude he is. He is a no-nonsense, no bs, hold everyone accountable type of guy. I can’t wait for the future of this show.

Best Article Series: Chad Bauman’s WCW

In terms of pure humor and fitting the edginess of the brand, Chad easily wins the award. There is no Vendetta without the inception of The Lead Word. Chad is the day one homie. The light is at the end of the tunnel, my friend.


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