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Jim Nagy Got His Feelings Hurt

Jim Nagy

Jim Nagy

Jim Nagy Got His Feelings Hurt

You may be thinking to yourself; “Trey… who is Jim Nagy”? Great question so let’s start there!

There’s no other way than to be blunt and come right out and say it. I do not like Jim Nagy. For those who don’t know, Nagy is the Director of the Reese’s Senior Bowl. Long story short, he’s not the brightest tool in the tool shed. If you want to know why I despise Nagy, click the link and or go to our search tab and type his name in. You will find what you need.

Recently, I was just casually scrolling through Twitter, which is what I do before I go to bed. I noticed something by Gil Brandt but I couldn’t see the Tweet he was referencing.

Side Note: Anybody over the age of 75 can’t be trusted. Gil Brandt is 87 so he’s blind as a bat at this point. Zach Wilson literally looks nothing like Tony Romo but whatever. That’s not the point of the story.

Gil, who were you quote tweeting? Well, I quickly found out why I couldn’t see that Tweet he was talking about.

Jim Nagy

Not going to lie, I literally laughed out loud. I have not laughed that hard in a LONG time. The poor guy really got his feelings hurt that bad from my blogs!

Boy, was this a mistake, Jim. You shouldn’t have let me see this. God was this DUMB. Taking the Roger Goddell – Barstool approach is never the right approach. Instead of hiding from things you clearly did wrong in the past, now I have to tear you to shreds again and I really didn’t want to do that.

Jim… Jim… Jim… god did you REALLY mess up here. I can’t stress that enough.

A: I now know you read my blogs.

B: I now know I pissed you off and flat out own you.

C: Our audience is significantly bigger than it was two years ago. Now more people are aware that you’re a sensitive know nothing coward.

Maybe 5% of me then started to rethink things. Was I too harsh on the guy? Was I in the wrong? I’m not ignorant, I always ask for second and third opinions on important decisions. I never pretend to know everything. I left the door open to possibly being wrong here. It only happens once a year but maybe this was that time.

After all, maybe banning all media members from watching the practices except for ESPN while then landing a job with said ESPN months later could have been a scary coincidence. Maybe his shitty TV appearances on ESPN could be chalked up to rookie jitters?

I had a quick scroll through his Twitter using another account. It took my first seconds to confirm I was right about this LOSER.

This Tweet is just banana land. Jim… you are the Director of the Senior Bowl. Your literal job is to know the draft. You get paid to study draft prospects. WTF are you doing with your time?

Yes, I’m aware the Senior Bowl is for Seniors. We’re still talking about quarterbacks who are going to be taken in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. WTF are you doing? That would be like a fireman saying he hasn’t studied how to drive the firetruck. Your job is to know, dude…

Jim Nagy

Seriously, take another second to read that and really process what Jim is saying. Nagy is admitting that in the month of December when the Senior Bowl is in January, he has not studied the top quarterbacks in the draft. Instead, he’s asking the 12-year-olds of draft Twitter so that he can form an opinion.

You read that right. A guy in charge of running arguably the biggest draft that exists acknowledged he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and needs help. Somehow the Warren Buffet of the NFL Draft, Gil Brandt, found a way to stick him in his back pocket without trying.

“Let me help you out” NOW THAT’S GOLD.

Jim, since I now know you read my blogs, let’s you and I have a chat. Don’t run and hide, it just makes your problems worse. Again, Roger Goddell is responsible for helping elevate Dave Portnoy and the Barstool Sports brand. The more you hide, the more I win.

Let’s clear the air. Explain why you did what you did. Explain why you are the way that you are. I’m even willing to help you because I like to mentor people. I’ve turned some really bad bloggers into superstars.

Let me help you, Jim. Do you need me to be a draft consultant to make your job easier? Write me a check and we can have a chat about it. Do you need me to scout for you and take credit for my work? That’s what my college wrestling coach did with my dad. I don’t have a problem with it. I just want to help you be the best Jim you can be. What you’re doing right now ain’t it, chief.

Look, it’s your move, Jim. You can either continue to hide while I make more of an ass out of you OR you can be an adult and solve your problems. You know where to find me. Do the right thing.


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