Devonta Freeman
Are you a person that feels like you have hit rock bottom? Well, that’s impossible unless your name is Devonta Freeman. Next Gen stats revealed Freeman is the worst RB in football. (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

Are you a person that feels like you have hit rock bottom? Is your name also Devonta Freeman? If your name isn’t Devonta Freeman, I can assure you life can’t be that bad. How do I know? Well, let me give you a quick recap.

During the NFL offseason, Freeman has retired, unretired, lost his mind on the internet, created a burner account, had his agent fire him, and is currently unemployed with zero future. Are you somehow doing worse than that? Well, I’m about to cheer you up. Imagine working your whole life towards something and then being the absolute worst and the least talented person in your profession. Now that’s rock bottom. AKA reserved for that bum, Devonta Freeman. That’s his home.

Recently, Next Gen recently developed a stat designed to separate offensive line success from running back success. Yards per carry no longer feels like a muddy stat. I just did a post on this as well.

Soooo who was the worst running back in football last year? You guessed it. Clownshow, Devonta Freeman:

“Conversely, Devonta Freeman was the worst running back in the NFL last year (among those with a minimum of 150 carries) in RYOE, logging a league-low mark of -1.18 RYOE per rush. Freeman’s xYPC (expected yards per carry) was 4.7, thanks in part to the effectiveness of the Atlanta blockers in front of him, but he only gained 3.6 yards per carry, which suggests his struggles weren’t the fault of the offensive line. (Notably, the Falcons produced a 4.44 xYPC for all runners, which was the fourth-best mark in the league.)”

Imagine being the worst running back in football and turning down millions because you think you’re worth more? Freeman doesn’t just suck at his job. He’s delusional which makes it 100 times worse. Trust me, you haven’t hit rock bottom. You’re name isn’t Devonta Freeman. If you’re reading this Devonta (which he did last time) my challenge is still on the table.