Devonta Freeman
Bruce Arians pretty much said that the Bucs won’t sign Devonta Freeman because he remains delusional about his potential price on a contract. (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

Bucs Won’t Sign Devonta Freeman Because He Remains Delusional About His Worth

Devonta Freeman has been losing it a bit. The unwarranted ego has gotten Freeman in trouble. Turning down money from the Seahawks, losing it on social media, threatening to sit out despite the fact that nobody really wants him, and creating a burner account has been part of the rollercoaster. Now we have another story.

Bruce Arians came out and said the Bucs won’t sign Devonta Freeman because his price is too high. Translation, we might have been slightly interested but Freeman is so delusional that there’s no point in even exploring it. We will rock with Ronald Jones and Ke’Shawn Vaughn.

“He’s asking for a lot of money, and we don’t have a lot of money,” Arians added. 

The Bucs have $6.4 million in cap space. Freeman turned down a deal from the Seahawks that was worth $4 million. Unless Freeman gets a reality check, the Bucs deal isn’t happening. Unless Freeman realizes he is going to have to sign for the minimum for it’s over, then he is better off just retiring.

So what’s next for Devonta Freeman? Probably nothing. What’s next for Ke’Shawn Vaughn or Ronald Jones? That’s 100 percent the better question. I wrote about all the running back rooms in the NFL heading into the season. If Vaughn delivers, I don’t think they really need another back. Especially if Dare Ogunbowale comes through as a pass catcher. I don’t think the Bucs necessarily need another back and could explore the waiver wire during camp cuts to find a 3rd option.