Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan with the ultimate GOAT move(The Last Dance/ESPN)

Michael Jordan, the greatest NBA player of all time, has finally conquered his greatest enemy. The rivalry between MJ and the Bad Boy Pistons didn’t die in the 90’s, but has thrived and been one of the pettiest back-and-forth rivalries in sports history. But today, Jordan has finally won.

During the 2020-2021 NBA season, all teams will have the Jumpman logo on their statement jerseys, rather than the regular Nike logo. It’s honestly pretty cool. Having the Jordan logo on a Bulls jersey only seems fitting. But it’s not just a victory for the Jordan brand, but for a victory for the man himself.

The Bad Boy Pistons were one of the toughest teams in NBA history. They had amazing talent and played all up in your face on the court. It was the physicality of those Pistons that motivated MJ to pack on the weight and deal damage rather than take it. The pettiest between these two sides has really flared up in recent months because of the Last Dance documentary that aired on ESPN. It was a great documentary. It’s on Netflix now and I totally intend on rewatching the entire show soon.

I’m curious to see what hardcore Pistons fans think of this. MJ was the reason why the Pistons didn’t become a dynasty. The bad blood between the two sides over the recent decades has caught some of the greatest players of that era in controversies ranging from icing MJ out of the All-Star game to not allowing Isaiah Thomas onto the Dream Team. This has to be the biggest power move in sports history. The city and team that haunted your dreams for years now wears the logo of the brand you built. That is truly awesome. An absolute GOAT move.