Devonta Freeman
It turns out Devonta Freeman was getting good advice. He was just too stupid to take it. Kristin Campbell fired his ass and now Freeman doesn’t have an agent. (Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

Agent Kristin Campbell Cancels Devonta Freeman Because He’s Dumb

Devonta Freeman not only doesn’t have a team. He now no longer has an agent. Kristin Campbell has been Freeman’s agent for a very long time. She negotiated his 5-year extension with Atlanta worth $41.25 million where they absolutely stole money based on the fact that Kyle Shanahan was the play caller. Campbell canceled Freeman while he sits on the free agent market because he’s very dumb or delusional.

Michael Silver of NFL Network reported the news:

Side note: This comment was awesome. Should we blame Devonta Freeman for the Falcons blowing the Super Bowl?

This one isn’t hard to read. Campbell is obviously not happy that Freeman turned down the contract the Seahawks offered. Campbell isn’t dumb and agrees with something I said right after. Who the fuck does Freeman think he is? Without Kyle Shanahan, he’s a total nobody and out of the league 5 years ago. He was not getting a better deal than that one that Seattle offered.

Freeman losing his mind online didn’t help matters. He was also vocal about trying to sign with the Bucs but remained delusional about his worth so Tampa didn’t touch him either.

At this point, we probably have seen the last of Devonta Freeman. I’m still willing to challenge Freeman to a bench press competition, fight, or whatever he prefers. I’ll kick his ass in Bingo. It doesn’t matter to me and will be more recognition than he will ever get again playing football. This story just keeps getting more hilarious. The only thing we know now is that Freeman was getting good advice this whole time. He was just too stupid to take it. Real shame right there.

Hey, Devonta Freeman. Who do I think I am? Somebody that won this argument. That’s good enough for me. Your agent fired you. Sucks to suck.