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Todd McShay

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Todd McShay Is A Puppet And Needs To Be Held Accountable

Todd McShay
Todd McShay is a puppet and needs to start being held accountable for his actions. He’s a terrible draft analyst and someone needs to say it. (Sophie/Vendetta Sports)

Todd McShay Is A Puppet And Needs To Be Held Accountable

There are criminals in prison who have done less than what Todd McShay gets away with yearly. McShay, AKA Todd McFraud, is a menace to the NFL Draft community and it’s time someone holds that rat face accountable. If no one else is going to do it, I’ll be the bad guy.

No one wants to tell the real story of the NFL Draft except for me. Over and over again, you see these analysts that do these media sessions talking about prospects. 99% of you aren’t intelligent enough to see the real politics that go on behind the scene. When these guys drop mock drafts, I can promise you it has nothing to do with how they view the prospect. They run around like rats trying to scoop up information and get PLAYED in the process.

You see, a lot of executives use the media to try to position their draft prospect to fall down the board if possible. McFraud takes the stage over and over again like the good little puppet he is. Does he care that he costs 21-year-olds millions of dollars? Of course, not!

McShay does a lot of things wrong but I want to specifically dive into one certain aspect that he does over and over. You, dumb people, ignore it and take the cheese while I sit here pissed. We are roughly five or so months away from the 2023 NFL Draft and McShay is already making things up.

A: We already know Field Yates wasn’t going to go back at him. I have a better chance of seeing god than I do of seeing Yates growing a set and firing back. Field may as well have the character traits of a five-year-old child. Did you see what John Wall did to him?

B: Scott did a post on this already so make sure to read it. These “character concerns” are BS. The link also includes a must-see clip from Josh Pate trashing McShay. The real people that pay attention know how ignorant McShay is.

C: This is BAD journalism. Please show me the examples. What makes Jalen Carter such a bad guy? You can’t just throw around “character concerns” while listing zero examples of him being a bad guy. Keep in mind this is from an anonymous source. McShay doesn’t need to out his source. Where are the specifics? He’s got NONE.

D: This isn’t the first time McShay has done this AND gotten away with it.

Remember when he said this about Micah Parsons? How did that turn out?

He did it again with Kayvon Thibodeaux. How’s that going?

In the case of Parsons specifically, if you did any homework (as I did), you know that he was a top five guy in that draft. Something I went into detail on in my draft profile for the former Penn State product. Draft people like McShay cost Parsons millions upon millions of dollars because of bad journalistic integrity. Once again, where were the specific examples about Parsons’ character? He had none. Parsons is just a wrecking ball.

E: What exactly are these character concerns? Did he miss class? Did he slap a guy’s ass in the locker room? Tell me what exactly the problem is. McShay can’t and won’t give further details because he has none.

You see, the problem is McShay doesn’t understand what it’s like to have Carter’s talent. These aren’t normal humans that step on these fields. It takes a little crazy to thrive. This quote is just SO insane. Can you imagine if we drafted based on who gets along with who? Is that why you idiots allowed a premier talent like George Pickens fall to the second round… Politics in the NFL Draft are very, very real.

Imagine if we held the draft on who gets along with who. Nobody would get picked. Nobody gets along with everybody.

F: McShay is clearly being played here. The executive that told him this is smiling ear to ear. When you stay anonymous, you can say whatever you want. Maybe this came from a team that’s picking nine and hopes they can get their hands on Carter. You have to have some mean crazy guys on your team. Parsons dropped to 12 and the draft is five months away. Why not try to smear him so that your team can have him? Don’t blame the teams. Blame the idiot who gets played and runs with the information.

Can we find the dirt on McShay from when he was 21? McShay took a break from ESPN last year because of mental health issues. Should we open up that can of worms to decide if he’s qualified to speak on the NFL Draft? Because that’s what McShay does year after year with 21-year-olds. Pretty disgusting when you put it that way huh?

Put Todd McShay in a room with Jalen Carter and see what happens. It will be grown 40-year-old man curling up in a fetal position.

McShay has no talent. He doesn’t have a clue how to analyze it. This man literally went on TV and said Ryan Finley was a first rounder. If I did that, I’d retire from this based on embarrassment. I had Finley as a 6th rounder, by the way, and he’s out of the league now.

You tell me who’s the bad guy? The one who’s exposing the media for being frauds or the guy ruining earning potential from kids trying to make the league? That’s for you to decide.


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Drunken street racing that killed two people. Says a lot about Jalen Carter’s character. Not to mention the character of the person or persons responsible for this article. Jalen Carter should be in prison.

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