Jason Fitz, Field Yates
In one of the most disrespectful moves of all time, John Wall played spades in the middle of an interview. Jason Fitz and Field Yates have no self-esteem for themselves. (ESPN Screenshot)

Nobody has respect for ESPN. Worse yet, the people that work for ESPN don’t have respect for themselves. Jason Fitz and Field Yates are absolute snoozefests with zero personality. John Wall had such little interest talking with the buzzkills pair that he was playing spades in the middle of the interview.

Serious question; at what point do you call out John Wall? Never in a million years do I let Wall do that to me. Sure, Wall has a lot more money than me, but blatant disrespect is blatant disrespect. Grow a pair and at least call him out.

Instead, Yates handled it exactly how I thought he would. Try to deflect in the nerdiest way possible:

No one is saying that. Everyone is calling you Charmin ultra, as they should. Let’s be honest about Fitz and Yates. I don’t watch ESPN outside of a random YouTube video that might pique my interest here and there.

Fitz seems like a guy who got tattoos and learned how to play the guitar just to fit in with his weird group of friends. Yates has zero personality. You could hire Siri to read off fantasy box scores next to Matthew Berry, and it would bring the same energy to their fantasy show. Don’t worry; he will bring up how player X (who’s too good to be available in any real grown man fantasy league) should be on your waiver wire.

So many missed opportunities to fire back at Wall. Let’s try a few just off the top of my head.

“I assume you don’t leave your house to play cards. You know, cause you can’t actually stay on the basketball court“.

“You’re a good samaritan for giving some of that money back in cards that you’re stealing from the Wizards”.

Those are just some off the top of my head. I can do much better, but I have an empire to run. Hell would freeze over before I let someone embarrass myself like that on National TV.