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Todd McShay Ryan Finley
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Remember That Time Todd McShay Called Ryan Finley A First Round Prospect?

Todd McShay Ryan Finley
Remember that time Todd McShay called Ryan Finley a first round prospect. I do and it’s something we shouldn’t forget. (Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Remember That Time Todd McShay Called Ryan Finley A First Round Prospect?

I have no respect for NFL Draft analysts. NONE. Guys like Todd McShay make me laugh year in and year out. Luckily, I was blessed with a fantastic memory so Trey never forgets either.

Ryan Finley was traded to the Texans by the Bengals for a late round pick swap. The only man I could think about today was that fool McShay. In one of the most predictable events in NFL history, Ryan Finley is hot garbage and is now virtually worthless.

In eight career games, the former Boise State and NC State quarterback is completing 48.7% of his throws with a 3-4 TD to INT ratio. The man can’t play. If Houston wasn’t a clown show organization, Cincinnati would have just cut him.

Of course, if you had a set of eyeballs, you already knew Finley didn’t have a lick of talent. I wrote blog after blog screaming from the clouds that Finley couldn’t play. In fact, Finley sucked so bad that I dedicated an entire week of college football scouting notes explaining why this man had ZERO future in the league.

Point being, if you thought Ryan Finley was a legit NFL prospect, it’s because of one of these two reasons:

A: You’re blind. No, I mean you literally cannot see. Maybe you don’t even possess eyeballs.

B: You do not have a brain. When I say don’t have a brain, I mean you have to literally be so dumb that you just don’t own one.

Todd McShay has entered the chat. I’m not sure if he’s blind or has rocks for brains. Regardless, the only thing that is clear is that we cannot let this man forget what he said about Ryan Finley.

I don’t even know where to begin so I’m just going to drop a bunch of McShay quotes when flapping his gums about Finley:

Example A:

ESPN’s Todd McShay had this to say about Finley:

“I think Finley can be an NFL starter. He has very fast eyes and reads the defense better than any of the other quarterbacks in the class. But even if he doesn’t materialize into a franchise guy, this pick was still very good. The worst case here is the Bengals drafted a good backup QB at No. 104 overall.

The best case? Finley has the talent to potentially win the starting gig as soon as 2020 for Cincinnati. Andy Dalton has two years left on his deal, but the Bengals could cut Dalton before the 2020 season with no dead money attached if Finley is ready to be the guy.

Finley is a tough kid with some mobility and poise in the pocket. You won’t see him panic in the face of pressure. He senses and maneuvers all while keeping his eyes downfield. He’s not a gunslinger, but he’s a smart quarterback with touch and accuracy.”

Did you vomit yet? No? Fine, let’s keep going.

Example B:

Credit to McShay. A lot of people would have deleted this.

16. That’s the number Finley ranked on McShay’s 2019 NFL Draft Big Board. 16. Also the same number of brain cells Todd McShay has in that head of his. Look, I get it. People miss when it comes to the draft. This just wasn’t any miss. This would be the equivalent of a professional chef not being able to flip an egg.

The saddest part is McShay has an entire staff of people helping him with numerous sources at ESPN. Guy still stinks at his job.

End of blog. Nothing more to say. Todd McShay is a JOKE.

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