(Marc Serota/Getty Images)

The New England Patriots will break the single-game scoring record this Sunday when playing the Miami Dolphins. Book it, take a picture, screenshot it, write it in stone! Whatever you want to do, just know that I said it first. Currently, the single-game scoring record belongs to the Washington Redskins for the regular season, when they beat the New York Giants in 1966. The score for that game was 72-41. If Tom Brady and co. wish to break that record they will need to score 73 points. If we include the postseason, the Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins 73-0 (yikes) in 1940. Obviously, to score the most points EVER, the Patriots will need to score 74 points.

The Math

With some rough numbers, if the Patriots scored 10 TDs with the extra points and two FGs, that would put them at 76 points. The Patriots can also score 9 TDs with the extra points and 4 FGs to get 75 points. Of course, there’s plenty of ways we can calculate this, but these are just some rough numbers.

Can The Patriots Do It?

“Alex, you crazy SOB, the Patriots won’t score THAT much.” Are you sure? Are you 100% sure? I mean let’s think about it, the Dolphins just lost to the Baltimore Ravens 49 points, giving up 59 points in total. That’s mostly to Lamar Jackson and rookie Marquise “Hollywood” Brown. You’re telling me that the Patriots, who are a much better team than the Ravens, won’t at least score more than 59 points? Hell, New England just put on a show putting up a convincing 33 points on the Pittsburgh, who’s light-years ahead of the Dolphins. So, using simple logic, with the Patriots being better than the Ravens, and the Steelers being better than the Dolphins, the opportunity is there. This is all before even considering that Antonio Brown might be playing against the Dolphins as well? I AM TELLING YOU THEY COULD DO IT. Of course, the chance of this actually happening is maybe at 1%. BUT, if it was ever going to happen, the cosmos are in line for the Patriots. Either way, as I mentioned in my Week 2 NFL Previews, the score will be A LOT to a little.