Lamar Jackson
The #Ravensflock continue to remain totally delusional about Lamar Jackson’s playing style (Tommy Gilligan/USA TODAY Sports)

The Baltimore Ravens are totally screwed. They are stuck with a quarterback who can’t throw. They also have a total of 0 star players on either side of the ball. They are the definition of mediocre. The Ravens are all in on the run first quarterback and they continue to say all of the wrong things.

Today, the Ravens were asked whether they were worried about a potential Lamar Jackson injury. You could just feel them lying through their teeth:

“It’s a little overrated, the whole danger thing,” Roman said. “Why? Because, and this is empirical data here, over the years you kind of realize that when a quarterback decides to run, he’s in control. So now [if] he wants to slide, he can slide. If he wants to dive, he can dive, get out of bounds — all of those different things. He can get down, declare himself down. A lot of the time, the situations that [have] more danger are when he doesn’t see what’s coming — my eyes are downfield, I’m standing stationary from the pocket, somebody is hitting me from the blindside.”

“Every player is one play away from being hurt, and every quarterback standing in the pocket is one hit away from being hurt, too,” Harbaugh said. “But the fact that he gets out and runs and scrambles … I get it; I think it’s fair to consider that, but you can’t live your life in fear. I think there’s just as much fear on the other side that he’s going to take the thing to the house if he gets out and runs, too. So, we’ll live in that world as opposed to the other world.”

Could the Ravens sound any dumber? All they have to do is look at the sidelines and remember what happened to Robert Griffin III. He’s the perfect mentor to remind everyone that Lamar Jackson is headed for a downward spiral.

Jackson carried the ball 147 times in 2018. That broke the single season record for a quarterback and he didn’t start a game until Week 11. Jackson also out-carried Ezekiel Elliott from Week 11 on just to give some context. That’s an issue. Especially for a skinny quarterback and let’s be honest. He took big hits all year long. Jackson is as smart as a rock, he doesn’t get the whole sliding thing.

The Ravens know they are screwed. They just won’t admit it. Good luck. 2-5 more years of hell.