Austin Ekeler Melvin Gordon
It’s time to say the obvious. Austin Ekeler is better than Melvin Gordon. (Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Melvin who? The Los Angeles Chargers opened the season against the Indianapolis Colts collecting a win in overtime. They won that game without Melvin Gordon. The main takeaway out of that game was Melvin who? Austin Ekeler put up a monster game with 58 rushing yards on 12 carries, and a touchdown. He also added 6 catches for 96 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Add in Justin Jackson who ran for 57 yards on 9.5 yards per attempt. I think it’s time to say the obvious that everyone is afraid of saying. Austin Ekeler is better than Melvin Gordon. The Chargers do not need Gordon.

Look, this is not an overreaction to Week 1. Sure, it’s one game. The problem is the sample size is more than that. The Chargers are now 5-0 without Gordon. 5-0. This is not an Ezekiel Elliott kind of situation. The Chargers have a quarterback in Philip Rivers who is much better than Dak Prescott. The Chargers can actually win without Gordon. Dallas can’t say the same about Zeke. The Chargers have Ekeler and Jackson as backups. Dallas doesn’t have a proven backup. Best of all, the Chargers offense is more productive when Ekeler is on the field.

The Chargers averaged more yards per play with Ekeler on the field in 2018. Ekeler also averaged more yards per carry and catch in 2018. Ekeler is averaging 5.3 yards per carry. Gordon’s career mark is just 4 yards per carry. At some point, when are we just going to acknowledge that Ekeler is better than Gordon? It’s not a small sample size anymore. The Chargers don’t lose when Gordon plays. The offense is more productive with Ekeler. It’s time to say Ekeler is the better player.

Dear, Melvin Gordon. You are getting bad advice. You do not deserve a mega contract extension. You are not a top 5 running back. You have done nothing to earn the right to sit out for multiple games. I don’t know who is in your ear but you probably need to fire your agent. The longer you sit out, the longer it becomes clear the Chargers DO NOT NEED YOU. If you want to save face, I would recommend you show up ASAP.

Gordon could have cashed in on $16 million in his 5th year option. I have news for everyone. He’s not even worth that. I would trade him tomorrow. Austin Ekeler is the better playing.