Cam Newton
(Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

If it wasn’t evident before, it was definitely obvious in the Thursday Night game with Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The question always was when Cam Newton had his shoulder surgery, will he be the same? So far, it hasn’t looked good for Cam. He overthrew wide receivers, he underthrew them, hell, sometimes the ball wasn’t even near them. He didn’t even complete half of his passes on Thursdays and 90% of them were on him.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the Cam we know, therefore we are still in denial. It wasn’t too long ago when Cam and the Panthers were in the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos. Even two years ago, the Panthers were 11-5, but last season they went 6-8 before he got injured. I’m afraid ever since his surgery, that he won’t be the same. Although I will say, whenever Christian McCaffrey is ballin’ out, everyone forgets about Cam Newton and his possible downfall. Take CMC away and you get what you got on Thursday night, Cam sucking. He should honestly do whatever it takes to not throw unless it’s a check-down to CMC. That means using his legs more. He’s still athletic as hell, use the athleticism! The less Cam has to know, it might be better for him and the Panthers. Wildcat anyone?

Fortunately for Cam Newton, with him being as popular as he is, he will still have a job for many more years to come, most likely with Carolina. However, the Panthers shouldn’t play themselves, Cam is done. His shoulder isn’t the same and that means neither is his career. Luckily for Cam and the Panthers, Christian McCaffrey is a STUD and is looking at an MVP season, despite his lackluster showing Thursday night. As long as he has CMC to carry him, Cam Newton will continue his downfall in disguise.