Jordan Love
We know the truth. Jordan Love sucks. It’s the only reason the Packers are so reluctant to trade Aaron Rodgers. (Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports)

The Packers Have to Know Jordan Love Sucks, Right?

Why won’t the Packers just trade Aaron Rodgers? It’s a question I can’t quite understand. Sure, Rodgers is awesome but Green Bay got worse this offseason and your 37-year-old franchise quarterback wants out. After picking a quarterback in the first round a year ago, there would be zero reason to not trade Rodgers for a boatload of picks and players. Except… the Packers won’t do it cause they know the truth. Jordan Love sucks.

The Jordan Love pick never made any sense. Let’s just get that out of the way now. Green Bay had to take advantage of this window to win with Rodgers now. They dug their own grave picks Love who was far too risky of a prospect to ever get selected in round one. The former Utah State product has some tools but his knee bend sucks, he’s reckless with the football, and had some character concerns.

Love felt like the Bruno Caboclo of the draft. You can never forget that moment when Fran Frascilla went on air during the draft and said “Caboclo is two years away from being two years away”. That’s how I felt about Jordan Love entering the draft. Interesting prospect but not close to ready and will likely never figure it out.

Green Bay knows the truth. They know the guy can’t play. It’s why Love couldn’t even beat out Tim Boyle a year ago. All of the beat reporters for the Packers constantly wrote stories about how awful he looked during practice. Brain Guntekunst whiffed and he knows it. It’s part of why Rodgers hates him.

Once again, the Packers went through a draft getting Rodgers very little help. Amari Rodgers is lucky if he turns into Randall Cobb. I gave the Packers a D for their draft class. The truth of the matter is Green Bay got worse this offseason. They lose an all world center and essentially made no upgrades in free agency.

This is not a Super Bowl team next year. It’s not. Especially with the amount of animosity inside the building. Hard to come together on a title when your quarterback hates the front office. The Packers eventually cut bait with Brett Favre because they knew Rodgers had it. Green Bay won’t even consider moving Rodgers for a reason they don’t have to tell us. We already know. Love sucks. We know it. They know it.

I’m just so done with the Packers. What’s the plan here? What exactly are you doing? Why take Love in the first place if you wouldn’t consider moving off Rodgers? Why not trade Rodgers for the farm in order to build the next great Packers team with a quarterback on a rookie contract? Sounds smart to me. There’s no reason to even dive further into it. We know the truth.

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