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Romeo Doubs Jordan Love

(Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports)

Jordan Love Apparently Sucks At Packers Practice

Jordan Love
Jordan Love apparently sucks at Packers practice. He’s been so bad that he’s not even competing with Tim Boyle for the backup job. (Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports)

The early reports on Jordan Love are NOT GOOD. As I wrote in my combine notes, Jordan Love’s feet are always going to be a problem. Unless he cleans that up, the first round pick from Utah State isn’t going to make it in the NFL. Well, thus far in practice, Love has been a nightmare.

Rob Demovsky of ESPN did a brilliant piece on Love’s progression that is a must read and watch:

I’ll provide some key quotes below to summarize the article:

“I just told him, ‘Hey, you can’t play hesitant; you can’t play tentative,’” Packers coach Matt LaFleur said Tuesday after practice No. 9. “We tell the quarterbacks, ‘Indecisive equals ineffective.’ I know there’s a lot going through his mind right now, but sometimes you’ve just got to shut it off and let your instincts take over and really go out and rip the ball. That’s kind of the challenge to him right now.”

“Heading into practice on Thursday, the Packers’ 10th practice marks the start of the final stretch of four training camp practices before the transition to regular-season mode next week. Love hasn’t challenged Tim Boyle for the backup starting job, ensuring that general manager Brian Gutekunst will keep three quarterbacks on the roster.”

“Love has completed 24 of 43 passes (55.8%) during team (11-on-11) periods so far, not counting the so-called “young-guy period” that LaFleur has conducted with rookies, first- and some second-year players following the full practice.”

“The throw to Sternberger came in one such young-guy period on Tuesday. Later in the same period, one in which Love took every snap, he underthrew a fade to tight end Josiah Deguara and it was an easy interception for safety Vernon Scott near the goal line. In between, the closest thing anyone saw to Love firing a ball on a rope was a short cross to Malik Taylor.”

This is bad, real bad. It’s also not surprising. We also knew going in Jordan Love was raw, or at least you should have. I go back to the Fran Fraschilla draft analysis on Bruno Caboclo. “He’s two years away from being two years away”. That’s Jordan Love.

Love has bad feet, struggles making decisions, and has never shown the ability to be accurate. Love has a good arm but the man needs a lot of work. The only surprising part is that he’s so bad to the point where he’s not close to beating out Tim Boyle for the backup job. I think that right there tells you all that you need to know.

This is bad, real bad. Sure, it’s 9 practices in a shortened offseason but Love has been nothing short of awful. Yes, it’s only practice but you find out real quick which guys can play or not. It became real apparent that Aaron Rodgers could play. Jordan Love hasn’t just been bad. Jordan Love has sucked so bad that he can’t compete with Tim Boyle. Folks, we have a BIG problem.

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