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Field of Dreams


The Movie Field Of Dreams Sucks

Field of Dreams
The movie Field of Dreams sucks (Universal/Gordon/Kobal/Shutterstock)

Recently, I was looking for top baseball movies to watch. I had already seen classics like Sandlot or Bad News Bears. Personally, my favorites are Feverpitch and Moneyball. For whatever reason, I finally watched Field of Dreams. My experience can only be described as terrible. I’m so angry about this movie that I had to write about it. The movie Field of Dreams sucks!

First, the movie starts out by Kevin Costner, the main actor, hearing voices in his head. “If you build it, they will come”. F*cking weird, man. I’m all for conspiracy theories in sports or patterns in sports. This guy legit had voices in his head in the middle of corn fields. That’s insane. There’s no circumstance where anyone wouldn’t have called Costner nuts. This guy was crazy enough to plow his corn field, his only way to make money, to build a random baseball field.

Eventually, a lot of dead guy or ghosts start roaming on the field. Oh, hell no. I’ve seen a lot of scary movies in my day. I’ll tell you what. Prop me in an alternate universe where I own a farm and dead guys are playing in my back yard? I’m getting the fuck out of there. Packing my bags and going. Not a chance I’m sticking around to see what kind of curse those guys are putting on me. I can’t even believe the family sticks around.

Then Costner is set to travel the country to find answers. For months this guy is traveling around and nobody is farming. The entire time his crops are going to shit. No one is paying bills. This guy would have lost his farm. The government would have rounded everything up and he would be homeless. Instead, they live in some fantasy land where not farming and paying any bills is part of the storyline but never actually affects them. It’s banana land.

At one point, Costner runs into some famous authors house. He tells him about his crazy field. The author wants no part of this but Costner won’t take no for an answer. He breaks into the house and basically kidnaps him. I feared for that mans life. I thought the ghosts put some sort of curse on Costner. Okay, this was the point in the movie where he really lost it. The author eventually agrees to go to Fenway with him and within 5 minutes gets sucked into the Field and dies. That field literally killed a man. Instead, it’s portrayed as a positive. What the hell kind of sick person finds this story to be a happy ending?

This movie stinks. There’s not a chance in hell this is one of the best movies ever. Costner was in far better baseball movies. Bull Durham was awesome. For Love of the Game was outstanding. Field of Dreams? That movie stinks. It’s banana land. It’s a scary movie premise turned into a happy ending. I’m convinced nobody actually likes this movie. Field of Dreams sucks and I will not stand for any other take.


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