The Oakland Athletics are the most annoying team in baseball (Jason Watson/Getty)

Who is the most annoying team in baseball? There is only one clear and obvious choice to that question. The answer is the Oakland Athletics and I’m going to tell you why. No it doesn’t have anything to do with Moneyball the movie either. I love that movie. It has everything to do with them being irrelevant in every sense of the word.

Since Billy Beane was named the GM for the A’s in 1998, the team has taken an identity. The Athletics are the moneyball team. We’re going to win more with less. Blah, blah, blah. You know the story. If you don’t go watch the movie. Year after year, the A’s are in the mix. Year after year, the A’s have no chance to win the World Series. It’s a vicious cycle that can only be described as annoying.

Since Beane became the GM, the Athletics have made the postseason in 9 different seasons. The A’s lost in the first round (or more recently the wildcard game) in 8 of 9 years. The one year the A’s did win a first round series, they were immediately swept in the ALCS by Detroit. That’s right. Since Beane has taken over, the A’s have been in the playoffs 9 different seasons. They haven’t won a single game in the ALCS. That’s not even the crazy part. In close out games where the A’s had a chance to advance to the next round, Oakland is 1-14 under the Beane regime. Yes, 1-14. They have blown more 2-0 series leads than any other team in the sport.

It’s a tired act really. Win enough games to get into the postseason, lose right away, then blame financial resources as the reason why they lost. I’m tired of seeing it. I’m tired of seeing it. Just a year ago, the Athletics were getting ready to play the Yankees in the Wildcard Game. Oakland lost before the game ever started. They were set to pitch an opener against the Yankees, Liam Hendriks who got DFA’d during the season. Bob Melvin panicked during the middle of the game throwing out closer Blake Treinen in the 6th inning. They are embarrassing when the calendar hits October. Just don’t bother winning games in the regular season anymore, Oakland. We already know the end result.

This ^ is 100 percent accurate. It’s a must listen.

I’m tired of hearing about how great Billy Beane is. This is a guy who constantly complains about his financial resources. Beane had a chance to see what he could do with financial resources. The Red Sox wanted him and he blew them off. I’m glad he did because Boston has won 4 titles since Beane blew them off. He hasn’t even been to a World Series. I don’t want to hear about small markets. The Rockies, Rays, and Royals have been to the World Series in recent seasons. Beane never gets close.

Enter this season. The Athletics are in the mix again. They currently hold the 2nd Wildcard spot in the American League. Here’s my proposal to the MLB offices. Even if Oakland qualifies for the playoffs, let’s just keep them out. Maybe drop a fake scandal on them and give them a postseason disqualification card. I don’t care what happens. Just don’t let the A’s in the playoffs. Baseball has enough problems keeping the sport interesting for younger fans. You know what hurts that? Letting the A’s in the playoffs.

We already know the end result if Oakland gets in the playoffs. They will either lose in the Wildcard game or in the first round. Then we will have a week news cycle about how the A’s should be proud. They came so far with so little! I’m tired of hearing about it. Come talk to me about the Athletics do something in October.