Tropicana Field
Enough is enough. It’s time to blow up Tropicana Field (Doug Benc/Getty Images)

The Tampa Bay Rays are relevant in 2019. That’s a good thing because this team isn’t just fighting to win on the field. They need to win in order to stay in Tampa Bay. As of May 13th, the Rays have a 0.5 game lead in the AL East with a really promising young core to build around. The problem is that nobody in the state of Florida has any interest in watching them play. It’s a worse proposition when you factor in that the Rays play in the worst stadium in any sport.

Yesterday a lot of teams got rained out. That isn’t supposed to happen in Tampa because they play in a dome. Well, during the 9th inning of an eventual loss to the Yankees, this happened:

BLOW THIS STADIUM UP! The game was delayed 43 minutes because of this nonsense. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because the Rays didn’t pay the electric bill. They can barley afford to pay the 25 guys on the team. It’s the worst stadium in the big leagues by a mile. routine pop ups often hit the roof or catwalks and fall in for hits. The bullpens are in foul territory where bullpen catchers can be hit with lasers at any moment. It’s also Tampa and no fans show up. If fans do show up, it’s to root for the opposing team.

There is one easy solution. Move the Rays to Montreal or Vegas. It’s not right that the loyal Expos fans lost their team to the Nats. Give them the Expos back. They actually show up. Vegas is also a booming market. The Golden Knights have done well to draw crowds. The Raiders are also coming soon. Give them a baseball team. It’s perfect to grow gambling into the sport too. All I know is Tropicana Field needs to be blown to smithereens.

That’s not enough for you? Tampa ranks among the bottom 5 in terms of food safety. They also tapered off the upper deck this year because not enough fans were showing up.