Are You Garbage Podcast
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Are You Garbage Is The Best Podcast Your Not Listening To Right Now

At this point in the radio and podcast world, people who listen to podcasts have their rotation of things they like and listen to. Breaking into someone’s routine is difficult, trust me, I am struggling with this myself with my show. (Empires Finest Shameless Plug). But Are You Garbage is a podcast that you should consider let break into your rotation.

The Hosts

The show’s two hosts Kevin Ryan and H. Foley are two comedians that essentially have created a game that has been turned into a podcast on YouTube. The duo digs into your childhood and asks you questions about the way you grew up. The intent of these questions is to decide if you are “garbage” or “trash.” They used a better term for what I describe as white trash.

Here is their most recent episode, but in their show description, they have a few sample questions and honestly sum up the show pretty well.

“Comedians H. Foley and Kevin Ryan are self proclaimed GARBAGE. Each week a new stand up comedian gets put to the test. Steal shampoo from hotels? Own a George Foreman Grill? Ever worn JNCO Jeans?”

via AreYouGarbage? Comedy Podcast on YouTube

The more and more I listen to the show, the more and more trash I realize I am and I am so okay with that. Truly it makes me reflect on the things my parents did for me but that is a whole different story for another day.


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