That's Some Cheese

That’s Some Cheese: If You Aren’t Listening, Then What Are You Doing?

If you are either a part of Vendetta or a fan of Vendetta and you aren’t listening to “That’s Some Cheese” hosted by our CEO, Trey Daubert, then what are you doing with your life? I don’t care if you “don’t have time.” Make some time because this show definitely deserves your invaluable attention.

In my opinion, the only series that we have here at Vendetta that is on the same level as Cheese in terms of entertainment value is our beloved Survivor series. Hopefully, that demonstrates to you just how great Cheese is as a podcast/show. And if you still aren’t convinced, there’s only one thing to do. Keep reading.

To offer some context for the peasants who haven’t yet seen an episode, in addition to the hottest topics in sports, the show essentially covers all the company news and gossip from the week, which can range from a new intern’s stupidity to our latest partnerships. If you’re an intern or employee here at Vendetta and you aren’t tuning in every week to Cheese, you must truly, as Trey would say, “have rocks for brains.” You could very well be missing out on the CEO of the company, Trey Daubert, praising your work ethic or talking about how atrocious your communication with him is. Granted, the latter is probably more likely.

As for fans of Vendetta who enjoy the content we produce, I can guarantee you guys would eat up Cheese as well. Pun intended. The combination of company talk and sports chat with the constant charisma of Trey ensures there isn’t a single dry eye or ear in the audience. Not to mention the fact that a different guest comes on the show every week and the super catchy intro music that can get anyone hyped up. You’ll find yourself waiting for a new episode to drop each week in no time.

Now before I wrap this blog up, I promise you guys Trey totally didn’t blackmail me into writing this post. He totally didn’t give me an ultimatum saying either write this or be fired. Totally didn’t happen, guys! Jokes aside, “That’s Some Cheese” is honestly an awesome and entertaining show, and if you haven’t already given it a try, you have to soon! Oh, and did I mention the intro music is really catchy? Well, because it really is.



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