That's Some Cheese

Should That’s Some Cheese Have Their Own Youtube Channel?

Podcasts and Youtube channels seem to be the hottest topic around Vendetta Sports Media. The All Day Every Day show is hosted by Alex Jacobs (known as Producer Alex, more on him later), and Manny Ruffin. Now, here’s the beginning of Trey Daubert’s podcast, That’s Some Cheese latest episode talking about the drama.

If you didn’t feel like watching, I will briefly tell you what’s going on. Jackson Law, I would say is the main Youtube guy for the Vendetta channel (SUBSCRIBE), is pissed at the All Day Every Day show (ADED). The ADED show started its own Youtube channel. They, of course, agreed to post their episodes on both channels. The problem is that their channel and the site’s channel now fight for Subscribers. However, I’m with Jackson, that shit isn’t right. Jackson works damn hard on Youtube, adding a plethora of content for us. To have someone say, “Nah, we’ll make our own channel,” should be a slap in the face to Jackson. Producer Alex, not happy with the criticisms, went on air and basically threw a bitch fit about it and how everyone else is soft.

Word around the grapevine is that ADED only lets people that are bigger than them on their show. In fact, the only person allowed to be a guest from the site is Trey Daubert. I would never go on their show because I wouldn’t want to embarrass the ADED show with my douchebag-ness (nice hair by the way P Alex). So, apparently, Alex Jacobs is the unofficial 2nd man in charge. Weird, no one else got the memo, not even the CEO himself Trey. That’s how he carries himself around the site at least. We’re all fucking stupid because all podcasts doesn’t have their own Youtube channel. I’m now calling for That’s Some Cheese to have their own Youtube Channel, a podcast that Producer Alex produces on.

In fact, why don’t we all just get a Youtube Channel? All 50+ people from the site and just produce our own content and have no solidarity between the site. The natural consensus around the site seems to be that Producer Alex is too big-time, power-hungry, and arrogant for the rest of us lowly peasants. Will this lead to future problems? Probably. Will this article make him mad? Yeah. Will he throw another bitch fit on That’s Some Cheese? I’d be on it. Am I 100% right about everything I just said? Absolutely.