That’s Some Cheese returns for episode 108 which includes a two parter. In the first half of the show, Garrett Burroughs makes his first appearance on the show. We go on a lot of side tangents to start the show. What’s the best Alex Chick story? Does Garrett still hate me? Does producer Alex want to fight Anthony Fontanello?

Eventually, we do get into the 2021 NFL Draft. Garrett and I examine our sitewide mock draft among other various draft topics.

In the second half of the show, Gavin Daly comes on to talk hockey. Of course, what better way to welcome Gavin onto the show after I just eliminated him in fantasy. Hockey guy Trey is on a roll, by the way… Just saying.

Listen, I’m a hockey guy now. Deal with it. Gavin and I talk about the NHL and all this information is just oozing into my mind. I’m learning quickly. Is die hard Avalanche fan Gavin worried about the Golden Knights? Has Taylor Hall sparked the Bruins as legit contenders? Are we sure the Kyle Palmieri trade makes sense?

It’s an hour long episode. Listen, watch, subscribe, and all that cheese. You know what to do.

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