Justin Jefferson
Justin Jefferson thought the Eagles were going to select him during the 2020 NFL Draft. Philadelphia continues to get bullied for drafting Jalen Reagor instead. (David Berding/Associated Press)

Justin Jefferson Thought The Eagles Would Draft Him

Justin Jefferson has been a hot topic lately. Plus with the 2021 NFL Draft coming up, piling on the Eagles seems like the easy thing to do. Who wouldn’t make fun of the Eagles for taking Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson? Apparently, PFF decides they want to play hypocrite. WHOOPS!

Apparently in an interview with GQ, Jefferson originally thought the Eagles were going to draft him. Turns out it was the Vikings and Jefferson made no secret about preferring to go to Minnesota.

“Leading up to the draft, you know, they had all of those mock drafts and people sharing their opinions on who is going to go where,” Jefferson said. “A lot of people had me going to Philly. And, I thought I was going to Philly. Honestly. The funny part is, Philly was on the board and then Minnesota called me. At first, I thought it was Philly. But, I answered the phone and it was Minnesota. It’s crazy how all of that happened and everything. But, I’m definitely, definitely, definitely excited that I’m on the Vikings rather than Philly.”

We’ve all seen that video of Rick Spielman laughing at the Eagles for taking Reagor. After a 1,400 rookie season, Minnesota should be thanking their lucky stars the former LSU product fell that far down the board. Given the mess that Philadelphia is right now, even Kirk Cousins feels like a win.

This is just one of those draft decisions that’s going to live in history. Mitch Trubisky being picked ahead of Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. Ditto Leonard Fournette. There’s no hiding from this one. The Eagles will have to live with this forever. Would just be nice if PFF took some accountability and acknowledged they ranked Reagor ahead of Jefferson.

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