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ChicksTape Podcast

ChicksTape Podcast Is Officially Retiring…For Now

Today, I have sad news. I will be retiring the podcast ChicksTape. What came down…

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NBA Playoff Picks

Vendetta 2020 NBA Playoff Picks

The playoffs kick off in a matter of hours before they do, take a look…

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Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson Is Noticeably Out Of Shape

So, the Pelicans basically get gifted an easy schedule from Adam Silver. There’s a conspiracy…

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ChicksTape Episode 2: 76ers-Blazers-Pelicans

We’re back with another episode of ChicksTape, a basketball Podcast for Vendetta Sports Media! In…

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Alex Caruso

The Alex Caruso Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

I love a good meme like everyone else. The only problem with good memes is…

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Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris Underperforming As A Scorer

When Jimmy Butler left Philadelphia, there were questions on who would be the outside scorer…

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Karl-Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns isn’t A Winner

You actually see this a lot in the NBA. There are players that love the…

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ChicksTape Podcast Episode 1: The Pilot

It’s an exciting time for Vendetta Sports Media! We have just started a basketball podcast…

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