Karl-Anthony Towns
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

You actually see this a lot in the NBA. There are players that love the game of basketball. Players like Jimmy Butler, or Kobe Bryant come to mind. Those that will do whatever it takes to win. Then, there are players that play the game of basketball just because they are good at it and will get paid well to do it. When Garrett Burroughs and I talked about this one our first ever episode on our Podcast, ChicksTape (on Spotify and Anchor!), this is a name that comes to mind. There are players that put up tremendous stats and wow you with some of their highlights, but it just doesn’t equate to winning. James Harden comes to mind, he hasn’t won a championship yet but he can fill up a stat sheet. Karl-Anthony Towns is another name that is so good but just doesn’t win. How many highlights have we watched of KAT and go “wow, this guy is such a good player!” Countless of times. However, for me, there’s always been a difference between a good player to a great player. A great player wins, and that’s that. Sure, I can understand roster issues and whatnot, but those excuses can only go so far. This is KAT’s 5th season, how much longer do we have to wait?

Karl-Anthony Towns Stats

This has been Karl-Anthony Towns best statistical season by far. He’s averaged 26.5 PPG on 51.4% shooting, 11.7 RPG, and 4.4 APG in 34 minutes. That is stupendous, but what does he have to show for it? I mean, even if some consider him to be the best center in the NBA, what does it matter if he doesn’t win. What is the point? Bragging rights? No, there’s no point in being the “best” if you don’t win. Nor should you be the best if you don’t win.

Karl-Anthony Towns has a case for the best Center in the league. However, I don’t like it, nor do I believe it. Sure, you can put up great stats, but what has he had to show for it? An 8th seed berth? That’s it? No, to be the best Center or one of the best players, you have to win. I won’t say his roster is the best, but Andrew Wiggins has been playing well. That’s more what most teams have to say. Yet they have a winning percentage of .400 in a top-heavy western conference. Of course, the same could be said about Andrew Wiggins not being a winner, everything I’ve said about KAT is interchangeable with Wiggins. However, one is being debated as the best Center in the league and one isn’t close to being the best at his position. No, to be the best, you need to best the best. Karl-Anthony Towns doesn’t like winning, he just likes stats and highlights.